The Cement Isle

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A short story and a component of a larger franchise titled "Age of Conflict". The Cement Isle is a four mile by five mile strip of man made concrete that rises fifty feet above the dark, bottomless
waters that surround it on the remote, forgotten water-world called Relm. A number of planets throughout the star system of Soi'laal use the Cement Isle, the only structure built on the planet Relm
as a grueling punishment for only the prisoners handed down the harshest of sentences. With no authorities or guards left behind to govern and regulate the small artificial prison island that
remains on this barren planet, violence flourishes as well as gruesome, hair raising diseases that are passed to and from among the doomed prisoners. With nowhere to escape to, arguably the
smartest of prisoners end their suffering early, by diving into the rough, fathomless, ocean surrounding the Isle, which are rumored to be inhabited by nightmarish deep sea leviathans. Other
prisoners who hang from the last thread of optimism within themselves, or cannot find the strength to end their forsaken lives, are left to endure their ill fate that has been cast upon them. The
day to day physical and psychological torment prisoners suffer this nightmarish reality is enough to have the braunest most cut out of warriors quaking in their cast iron. There are no escapees,
there are no survivors.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017




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