Into the Knight

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The new generation of heroes face off against a devious organization bent on capturing and turning them to the side of villiany as they learn about themselves and struggle with fulfilling legacy and discovering a family none of them never knew

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



Almost 25 years after the final battle against the Legion of Shadows and 35 years after the first battle against Midnight Absolution and his followers, the Night Warriors have disbanded and all but disappeared. The world has rebuilt the damage caused by Midnight's abominations and the chaos concocted by The Legion. Crimson Storm and the Night Warriors have all but faded into legend. Ramon Williams looks out the window of his college classroom at the beautiful campus. He sees a figure under a tree shrouded in white lightning. Then as he looks closer what seems like the grim reaper jumps up from under the window and drags him into an abyss below. Ramon wakes screaming in his bed and says to himself "Whew just a dream." He gets up and gets dressed. When he gets to his campus he heads over to talk to his psychology professor. He shakes his hand and says "Thanks Professor Smith I just needed to talk to someone." Professor Smith replies "It no problem Ramón tell me what's troubling you." Ramon begins explaining his recuuring dream of the figure in the lightning and the figure who drags him into the abyss. After Ramon finishes his tale Professor Smith says "It soinds to me like the figure in the lightning is sort of a guardian angel figure trying to get your attention warning of distress coming to your life which is represented by the shadow and the abyss. Id recommend taking a break from the hustle and bustle and take a vacation, I have a class coming up come back by after classes and well talk more." Ramon thanks him and leaves. Professor Smith calls someone and says "Its time. I’m moving in." Ramon walks into the empty classroom and sees his teacher Dr.Aoksahn and takes his seat but as soon as he does slams suddenly behind him to his seat and Dr. Aoksahn walks up to him and says "Well Mr. Williams it's been fun teaching you bio engineering these years but its time for my mission to be complete ." He whistles and 2 shadowy figures walk up. Ramon struggles and says "Let me out of here, please i'm just a student!" One of the figures draws a sword from its cloak and the other creates a fireball out of thin air. As the figures position themselves to strike, a winged man flys through the window and knocks the sword-wielding figure aside and shields Ramon with his wings. He rips the shackles from the chair and flies Ramon out the window. Dr. Aoksahn pulls his phone out and calls somebody and says "Alpha target escaped and more upsetting news is that Knighthawke is back and he is with alpha, activate Operation: Hermes."

The winged hero lands and sets Ramon down. Ramon pushes him back and the hero removes his helmet. Ramon steps back in shock and says "Professor Smith What's going on?" The professor tells him "Its a long story, but a shortened version is i'm one of the members of the Night warriors." Ramon respond " The Night Warriors aren't real its just an myth." He begins to walk away but then he asks "What did Dr. Aoksahn and those two want with me and who are they? "Dr. Aoksahn is his real name but he was there to spy and eventually capture you when your guard was down. The other two were his partners for his mission the flame wielder is Apollo and the sword wielder was Claymore they all work for a group called The Olympus organization." The Professor tells him. Ramon replies "Ok, but what do they want with me?" Professor answers him "They want the coding in your dna passed down from your father." Ramon says "My father? What could he pass down, he was an electrician." "Is that what your mother told you? She lied to you your father was one of the Night warriors and one of my best friends. He was known as The Crimson Storm and I wouldn't be alive today without him." Prof. Smith tells him "I dont believe that my mother would never-" Before he can finish his sentence Prof. Smith pushes him to the side and deflects a sword strike from armored individual. The two trade blows back and forth. Ramon takes the chance and runs off while they are distracted. The assailant says to Prof. Smith "Knighthawke get out of my way I am leaving with The Storm's son. Knighthawke responds "No you are not , not if i have anything to say about it!" Knighthawke knocks him back. They trade blows again and Knighthawke begins to gain control. The fierce villain begins to bulk up and yells at Knighthawke "Dammit Greg GET OUT OF MY WAY!" He kicks Knighthawke to the ground and takes off after Ramon. Knighthawke looks at the warrior and recognizes the style and realizes why he knows his secret identity.

Ramon stumbles throught the woods as he hears someone coming behind him. He runs and runs intil he trips over a branch and falls landing just outside the forest. The figure speaks to him and says "Make it easier and stop running." Ramon responds "No i have no superhero father and no super dna just leave me alone whoever you are." The assailant reponds back "My name is Steel Fang i am part of Operation: Ares and ive been sent to bring you to Olympus whether you have what we seek or not." Steel Fang picks up Ramon and begins walking away when Knighthawke bursts from the forest. Knighthawke walks towards Steel Fang and tells him "Take off the helmet i know its you, Han." Steel Fang removes his helmet revealing a still young but scarred Han Lee, formerly known as Black Fang, who says to Knighthawke "Greg join me Olympus can give you power like you never imagined and they can remove any pain you feel." Greg responds "No Han, my pain is what inspires me and power is nothing compared to kindness and a good heart." He draws his shining sword and flies fowards deflecting an attack from Han and grabs Ramon then takes off into the sky.

Greg and Ramon arrive just outside a small castle like building. As they approach the pass by a small gravesite and Ramon asks Knighthawke "Whose graves are these?" Knighthawke replies "Flare and Polaris, they died ten years ago in an attack by our enemies at the time The Shadow Legion. They stayed behind and used their powers to collapse the roof of our base on top of the Shadow Legion giving us time to escape." Ramon looks at the stones and says "I have no powers and i am not who you think i am. Why are you so willing to die for me?" Knighthawke says back to him "Because you stand for what good heroes like Flare and Polaris stood for and what they died for and I made a promise to your father to watch over you." Knighthawke swings his sword at Ramon who almost instinctively deflects it with a burst of lightning. Ramon looks at the energy emanating from his hands in shock and says "What is happening to me?" Knighthawke sheathes his sword and says to Ramon "Your power is beginning to manifest. You will learn to control it eventually. Now, come on inside we don't want to keep them waiting. They proceed inside After entering behind Knighthawke Ramon asks him "Who?" Knighthawke replies "Two old friends." Ramon and Knighthawke walk through the empty halls. Ramon looks in awe at the pictures of the various heroes of The Night Warriors. They come up to a door covered in webs and dust with a mural of all The Night Warriors. Knighthawke points out a hero with arcs of red and blue lightning and says "That is your father." Ramon says "Wouldn't know I never met him, my mom told me he died before I was born." Ramon points to another figure and says "Is that the guy who almost killed you?" Knighthawke sighs and informs Ramon "Yes, that is Han Lee formerly known as Black Fang before he betrayed us and vanished until we encountered him earlier." They both open the big doors and Ramon looks around the massive room and he sees smoke come out from behind another door. The smoke forms into a figure and Knighthawke embraces him then says "Darren its so good to see you." Darren replies "Its good to see you too Greg, is that him?" he smiles at Ramon. Greg nodds at Darren. Ramon looks at Darren confused and says "I know you, you visited my mother and I when I was young. Darren replies "Yes, Ive known your father since we were children and Ive watched over you for years until you went to college where it was easier for Knighthawke to watch over you." Ramon hugs him and Darren says "We havent much time we need to train you if we are going to rescue your father." Ramon nodds and says "Where is he?" Darren says "He is being held in their fortress guarded by the goliath, now enough talk we need to get ready for training. "

Ramon walks into the training room he had come to know well in the last 6 months. He builds up energy in his hands and hits the training dummies in one arc of lightning. Reaper, his father's old friend and his trainer, walks in and nodds implying that he is impressed by Ramon's quick mastery of the lightning abilities inherited from his father. Reaper motions towards the sword rack. Ramon asks "Is it time for my final lesson and exam?" Reaper nodds once again. Ramon grabs two katanas from the rack and turns around to see not just Reaper but Darren and Greg as well. He realizes this will not be an easy task. Darren says "Are you ready to face us as if your very life depended on it? Ramon kneels and says "Yes teachers" He stays kneeled when Reaper teleports before him, he quicky rolls out of the way and stands up with his weapons still sheathed. Greg flies at him. He uses his electricity on his feet and he runs up the wall followed by a kick that sends Greg down and a kick to Darrens mist form. He draws a blade and deflects an attack by Reaper. He kicks at reaper who teleports away and instantaneously Darren launches a misty staff attack while Greg launches a volley of arrows. Ramon spins releasing electricity causing the arrows to drop and he superspeeds behind Darren. He tries to force him to yield when Reaper reappears. He dodges using superspeed to put Darren in his place. Darren and Reaper stand and Greg joins them Darren says "Good but for the 2nd part of your test." He then releases a thick fog blanketing the room. Ramon looks around and says "Im ready for it." Greg says "We'll see" Ramon sees him just before Greg strikes he dodges and Greg disappears back into the fog. Ramon backs up and barely deflects a strike from Greg and Reaper. He notices that everytime Greg attacks, he is on the ground and doesn't flap his wings at all. He realizes something. He lights the fireplace and Greg comes at him again. He dodges him again and throws Greg into the air towards the chandalier. Ramon leaps and lands on Greg's back and makes him flap his wings dispelling the fog. Darren and Reaper join Greg after he lands and Darren says "You are ready" Ramon kneels and thanks his teachers. Ramon looks around his room at the articles about his father he recieved from the others when Darren walks in with a case in his hand. He says to Ramon "I made this in preparation for the moment you were ready" He opens it revealing a bright white suit with Red bolts emblazoned on it. Ramon looks at it then moves it looking at the weapons underneath. Darren says “These were your father’s, I seen him take down many foes with these.” Ramon asks “What was he like?” Darren responds “One of the greatest men i ever knew, there was a time when i was in a dark, dark place sort of like Han and your father he brought me out of it he saved life after life nearly at the cost of his own. I believe that he was the soul of our team, he may have not brought us together but he kept us together.” Ramon smiles and looks down at the picture and asks “Do you think we can save him?” Darren chuckles and says “Knowing your father like I do he will probably end up saving us.” Darren leaves the box and heads out of the room. Ramon removes his coat and begins to suit up. Reaper, Gregory, and Darren look around at the pictures of their comrades. Reaper tells says its been a long road since Antarctica hasn't it,Darren? Darren says “Yeah i remember a time you wouldve killed me on sight.” Greg says “I remember that night Geno saved my life in the cemetery.” Then the candles in the room blow out followed by the sound of smashing and clanging. Greg grabs his sword and Darren builds energy smoke in his hands. Armored men burst in the door. Darren blasts some back with energy as Reaper and Greg cut some down. Ramon runs in wearing his bolt-emblazoned suit. As the armored men fight against the heroes Steel Fang walks in alongside Apollo and Claymore. Reaper and Greg charge at them. Steel Fang and Claymore clash with Greg and Reaper. Apollo blasts a fireball at Ramon.Ramon dodges and Darren blasts at Apollo. Darren fires more blasts repetitively. Ramon charges into the fray but is knocked back by an armored speedster. Darren looks at him and says “Speed King? I watched you die” The armored speedster runs around the room knocking them all down and grabbing Ramón by the throat. Ramón struggles and manages to knock the helmet off. As the helmets drop everyone's jaws do the same. Ramón asks “Who is this guy?” Darren then stutters out “Th-That's your father.” Steel Fang says “Meet our old friend, Geno now known as Speed King II. Hes been changed into a killing machine for a year now. Hes going to take you all down and bring Ramón to Olympus. Greg yells “Not if i have anything to say about it.” He charges at Geno who in a flash drops Ramón and grabs Greg by his wings and sends lightning coursing through Greg’s wings scorching the feathers off. Greg screams and Geno sternly looks at Ramón before ripping the remains of Greg’s wings out of his back. Ramón yells out and races past grabbing Greg’s wounded body and racing back standing alongside Reaper and Darren defending Greg. Darren nodds at Reaper who grabs Greg and Ramón’s shoulders. Ramón says “No don't you dare!” In an instant Reaper disappears with Ramón and Greg. Darren looks at the enemies surrounding him and builds up energy in his hands and fights off some of them. Steel Fang and the new Speed King surround Darren he begins to lose breath. Speed King picks up Darren and Steel Fang says “Any last words? Darren looks at Geno and then at Steel Fang and says “Yeah, Geno I’m sorry Brother” Just then Darren releases a massive Wave of smoky energy engulfing everything in white misty light. Reaper, Greg, and Ramón appear in the Night Warriors’ backup base. Ramon runs to a nearby window and sees a bright white explosion in the distance. He grabs Reaper by the collar and says “Take me back, We have to help Darren.” Reaper shakes his head and Ramon says “Please Reaper!” Greg says “Ramón, Im sorry I didn't know ” Ramón snaps back “Why is my father doing this?” Greg responds “I don't know but we are going to find out why, Your father rescued Darren from his inner demons, I believe you can save him from whatever is going on inside his head.” Ramón sits in the corner and begins sobbing. Greg looks at Reaper and says “We’re going to need some more backup.” Reaper nodds and Ramón says “Im going with you!” Greg responds “You can come with me but Reaper has to go by himself. Ramon grabs some clothes from a nearby closet and puts them on over his suit. Reaper disappears as Greg and Ramón head outside and Greg grabs Ramón and they take off into the sky while Ramón looks back toward the smoke coming from the direction of their old base. Reaper appears outside a run down building. He walks inside and looks around the room that is filled with new equipment. The room is the complete opposite of the outside. He looks at some strange weapons sitting on a rack. As he picks up one that looks like a blade, it disappears from his hand. He looks at the two of the other weapons which then disappear from the shelf. He turns around an sees a spear, the sword-like objest and a bladed gauntlet pointed at Him. The one holding the sword swings it at him he dodges reappearing behind her. She disappears along with the other two. Reaper pulls out his knife as he is attacked by all 3 he narrowly dodges the spear as he is cut by the sword. He apparates a few feet away but is caught from behind by the one with the bladed gauntlet. He smirks and he creates three clones that appear out of thin air. They trade blows with three women until they are overpowered as Reaper makes more clones. After they are taken to the ground they all say “we yield!” Reaper swings his hand through the air and they disappear. He says “You all have done well” The three girls stand and bow then say “Thank you Uncle!”

Greg and Ramón land in Harlem. Greg leads Ramón towards the smell of smoke. As they round the back of a small house Ramón asks Greg “How did your wings grow back?”Greg responds “A special serum developed by Robbie and Reaper that regenerates my wings in case of severe damage.” As Greg finishes Ramón looks in awe at a boy and girl that are blasting fireballs at each other. The girl looks at Greg and Ramón and throws one at them. Ramón uses his speed to tackle Greg out of the way. The boy grabs the girl and says “Reneé, Stop! Its Greg.” Reneé responds “I know, I know what he wants and we are not doing it Toby!” Toby says “Really? Since when are you in charge?” He walks to Ramón and introduces himself “Sorry about her, even for a pyrokinetic she is a complete hothead. My name is Toby Timms and this is my sister Reneé. Ramón looks at them and says “Timms? Like Flare and Polarina?” Reneé snarkily responds “I see bird-breath told you about our parents.” Greg says “I am sorry Reneé but we really need you two. It is an emergency” Toby and Reneé step to the side into a huddle and talk amongst themselves. They break their huddle and Reneé says “Ok We’ll hear you out.” Greg looks at the sky in relief as they all walk out of the yard into the Timms’ house. As the Timms, Greg, and Ramón sit in the Timms’ living room. Reaper and his 3 well-armed nieces appear in the middle. Reaper introduces them as “Jess, Kaitlin, and Leah my nieces and a new heroic iteration of Death’s Trinity, I trained them myself and they are ready. Everyone shakes their hands and introduces themselves. Greg begins to explain everything so far. Reneé says while laughing so we're practically going to be going to war with these guys? I’m in.” Toby says “Wow really? That is what gets you to help.” she shrugs and sticks her tongue out at him. Jess says “Do we have a plan, sir?” Greg nodds and says “We’ll have to gather intel first I assume you 3 will be perfect for that.” They nodd and Kaitlin says “Yes sir!” Reaper looks st his neices with pride. Greg says “Meanwhile, we’ll take turns on watch, we are being hunted by Olympus and a few of our old friends after all. Reaper and Toby you have first watch. Reaper takes off towards the front corner by the window while Toby heads towards the back room. Ramón lays on the floor and drifts into a deep sleep. Ramón looks around as his friends are taken down by electrical-powered warriors. He looks as they rise back up, zombified and come towards him. He begins trying to fight them but just as he is overwhelmed, a bright figure in this distance draws them towards him and in one fell swoop blasts them away into nothingness. Ramón looks up as the figure comes closer but before he can deduce the figure's identity everything goes bright. Ramón sits up instantly. After realizing it was a dream he gets up for a drink. In the shadows Greg says “Your father used to have dreams of a wasteland that almost came to pass if not for the Night Warriors beating Midnight Absolution. Ramón then asks “Do you really think I can save him from what's going on in his head?” Greg stands and puts his hand on Ramón’s shoulder and says “I don't have to believe in you any more than I already do, You have to believe in yourself and that connection you two have.” Ramón hugs him and says “Thank you for everything” Greg says “Your welcome” Ramón walks through the house on his guard shift and sees an open door with a light on. He peeks in and sees Reneé kneeling by a picture of her parents. She sees him and she gets up and slams the door in his face. He continues walking and finds the attic and see Toby looking through a box of clothes. He holds up a suit that looks the one Robbie wore in all the pictures Ramón had seen. Toby says “This was my father's first suit he wore when he was a struggling hero here in Harlem. I always thought one day he would give it to me or Reneé. I’m sorry you never got to know your father. Ramón goes to reply when Reneé runs in and says “Those 3 psychos are back!” Toby and Ramón run out of the attic and head towards the living room. Ramón and Toby rejoin the others and Reaper's nieces begin to explain the intel they gathered. Jess starts by saying “Well first off it was very difficult tracking down any of them but luckily we found Aoksahn and his personal lackies raiding Ramón’s old house. He was escorting Ramón’s mother out. Ramón shoots up and says “What? They took my mother?! I need to go!” Greg calms him down and says “Ramón, it will be ok, we’ll get her back.” Ramón sits down as Kaitlin steps up and says “So they are holding her about 10 miles outside of Seattle. Both Steel Fang and Geno are there guarding Dr. Aoksahn’s secret lab. We don't know what's going on inside. They are armed guards patrolling the grounds and the base. The doors are locked with dna scanner locks. Now we just need to find a way past the locks.” Reaper says “I have an idea about that.” Then somebody knocks at the door. Reneé answers the door Greg says “Everybody meet Cryonic and Techno.” The two figure shake hands as everybody introduces themselves. Techno says “Dna scanners? Sounds a lot like DC almost 25 years ago. Cryonic and I can take care of that.” The heroes sit down and go over their plan again. Aftrrwards, They split up into teams of two with Ramón and Reneé leaving last and being the cavalry. Ramon and Reneé arrive at their designated position. He looks over and sees the other team in their position. As they all look on the guards along the outskirts fall victims of quick attack from Teaper and his nieces. As they disappear again the door to the facility bursts open and Dr. Aoksahn walks out followed by Steel Fang and Hermes who is dragging Ramón’s mother next to him. Ramón goes wide-eyed and says “That's my mom!” He goes to stand up and Reneé yanks him down and says “Have you lost it? We need to stick to the plan.” Ramón tries to calm himself amd Reneé tries communicating with fhe other teams but gets only static she keeps trying. Dr. Aoksahn yells out “Mr. Williams I know you are out there! Come out with your friends and I will let your mother leave with you unharmed!” Ramón trembles but Reneé put her hand on his shoulder and shakes her head. She points up and sees a shadow begin to block out the sun. The villians look up and Knighthawke flies down towards them Hermes takes up into the sky towards him. Dr. Aoksahn says “Wrong answer!” He aims his pistol and fires as Ramón screams and takes off fearing he will not make it. But he smiles as Jess appears teleporting Mrs. Williams away. Steel Fang is struck suddenly and initiated into a fight with Reaper. They trade blows. Neither gain the upper hand until Hermes lands on the ground dragging Knighthawke by his armor causing Reaper to lose focus. Steel Fang quickly takes down Reaper and holds him at sword point. Dr. Aoksahn laughs as Hermes approaches him with Knighthawke. He throws Knighthawke in front of Aoksahn and Aoksahn raises his pistol and aims it at Knighthawke and says “Ive been waiting for this. He is hit by a fireball from Reneé as the other young heroes join the fight. Apollo and Claymore burst from the facility charging to protect Aoksahn. Ramón hits Claymore with an energy blast and Toby trades fire blasts with Apollo. Reaper's nieces joim their uncle and they battle Steel Fang who holds his own. Hermes knocks back a charging Cryonic and sticks his hand straight through Techno’s chest. Everyone looks in shock and Ramón leaps and fights a losing battle against his father. Reneé blasts at Hermes but she quickly has to turn her attention to an attacking Claymore. Ramón keeps attacking but each attack is countered by Hermes. Hermes removes his helmet once again showing the scarred Geno that still looked unfamiliar to Knighthawke, Ramón, and Reaper. He picks up the escrima sticks that once belonged to him and without a trace of feeling destroys them in a flash of red lightning. Then he pulls out a curved lightning blade and raises it to strike down Ramón. He swings the blade and Knighthawke hits a button on his belt causing him to crackle with lightning and in a quick burst leaps in front of the blade. Ramón looks up at bleeding Knighthawke holding the blade in his shoulder. Ramon begins to cry and Knighthawke says “Ramón, Run!” Hermes slings Knighthawke to the ground and Ramón wipes tears from his face and looks at Hermes with anger. Hermes cleans his blade on one of Knighthawke’s stiff wings. Ramón runs energy coursing throughout his body and Bright red and silver lightning flickers in his eyes and leaps from the ground and soars at Hermes and lifts him off the ground and and strikes him rapidly with silvery and red electrical fists. He then places his hand on Hermes head sending lightning coursing throughout his body. He then launches his fist through Hermes chest as they both come back to the ground. Reaper and the others drag over a resisting Steel Fang. Ramón blasts him with an energy bolt and it knocks Steel Fang unconcious. Ramón runs over to Knighthawke who begins coughing up blood. Ramón says “Greg please don't leave me.” Greg responds “Ramón everything is gonna be ok, im going to join my fallen brethren in the sky.” He coughs up another spurt of blood after and Ramón says “But you are the closest thing i’ve known to a father.” Knighthawke smiles and says “You are strong and in spirit ill be here next to you until the day you join me in the sky.” He smiles and his eyes close as the last breath fades from his body. He hears coughing and he looks over at Hermes. He runs over and picks him up by the collar of his armor. Hermes laughs and Ramón headbutts him. The heroes drape a blanket over Knighthawke’s body as they walk around The warehouse Reaper met his nieces in earlier. They walk around and tend to their wounds. Toby looks around and heads to the basement holding a phone in his hand. Toby says “Come on Ramón, we need to work on what to do about Olympus.” Ramon says “Im coming.” He hits a button and the sound of whooshing echoes downwards and the screaming of Hermes dissipates. Ramón walks into the office of the building. He says “We all know we that Olympus is still gonna come after us but I think we should take the fight to them.” Everyone nodds and Toby says “We need a name for them to fear when they see us coming.” Reneé says “Well I believe we need a name the represents the New Age.” Ramón looks at Jess who smiles back at him. Then he looks over at Knighthawke's sword bearing the fallen hero’s emblem. He picks it up amd sticks it in the middle of the table and says “Olympus is going to learn of their fears because us brave few, The New Age Knights are here.”

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