Torn: The Stolen Generation

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Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



This takes place in Melbourne Australia, in a small village called La Moomba there were three young boys named Willie, Ali, and Hudson. Willie is the oldest he is fourteen years old, the second brother is Ali he is twelve, the baby is Hudson at the age of ten, there’s a man named Rocky! he works for Ernie who is the governor of the stolen generation. Rocky entered the village of La Moomba, and stole the kids away from their families, Willie, Ali, and Hudson got sent to a boarding camp; where they become slaves and learned how to speak English. whoever gets caught escaping the camp, the government rules decides whether they live or die, the boys mum Claudia! had an hallucination that her boys will be back home with her. Willie, Ali, and Hudson are missing their mum Willie planned to escape both Ali and Hudson replied its too dangerous Willie said to them we have to get back home to mum and I know its dangerous it’s the risk we have to take they stayed one more night at the camp and left in the morning. One of the kids at the camp named Jamal, went to go tell Mohamoud who is the tracker, saying the three boys escaped, Mohamoud got on his horse and where flowing the foot sprints to see what direction they were heading, its about two thousand and twenty miles back to La Moomba! Willie, Ali, and Hudson saw a house near a hill and we’re feeling hungry, they went to steal food; a woman named Kim! caught them and said its not nice to steal peoples food, if you want something you ask for it, they spoke in an aboriginal Language, talk English please! could we please have food, that’s better! Kim went to go get some food and clothes for Willie, Ali, and Hudson She said to them; where are you guys heading? we got taken away, and now we’re heading back home, where’s home? La Moomba! as they left Kim’s House and continued on with their adventure. The three boys were walking and eating at the same time, it suddenly was getting dark, they found a cabin to stay for the night and continue their journey in the morning, its still a long walk to get back to La Moomba all they got to do is keep walking and don’t get caught. Willie, Ali, and Hudson we’re feeling dehydrated! they stopped by a water tap, drank some water, then kept on walking. The boys heard a horse whimpering Willie and Hudson went to hide Mohamoud caught Ali he punched him in the face, while he was running Mohamoud used a rifle and shot him in the back. Willie and Hudson had tears coming out of their eyes, Mohamoud took the body and buried it, when he left, Willie and Hudson then went on with their journey, back to La Moomba.

Willie and Hudson asked directions back to La Moomba, a guy named Jared! got a stick and draw it on the sand, he told them to head north! then it should be one hour and a half to get back to La Moomba, they replied thank you! Claudia has a good feeling the boys escaped and coming back home to her, she sings a song for her children; the song was about she misses them and she wishes they were home. Willie and Hudson felt thirsty again, so they stopped by another water tap, Willie carried Hudson on his shoulders, and when they finally made it back to La Moomba! Both Willie and Hudson saw their mum, they both ran and hugged her, Willie whispered tearfully! we lost Ali they both cried, they were happy to be home and have a good life in their small village La Moomba, twenty years later; Willie and Hudson had wives and kids, their kids got taken away as well, and they never got to see their kids again.


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