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when two lovers have to separate...

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017





when you and i embraced

late at night on 8th floor stairs

we gazed out at the city lights

the buildings shining below us


overhead the patterns of stars

like immense puzzles in the sky

with the moon falling slowly

the darkness vast and full of


questions we couldn't answer

are our futures together?

what will become of you and i?

will we some day separate


torn away from each other?

because plunging into darkness

of the world's heart we are repulsed

and seek refuge in the open air


desire to frolic on the earth's skin

in the dazzle of sunlight

without the pain linked with love

is this what must be?


sharp memory of all these questions

you in my arms your body warm

my shoulder wet with your tears

and your eyes as deep as the sky


your eyes full of the star-puzzle

your eyes confused and afraid

i realize we have lost all power

to change this maze's course


now i know our futures cannot meet

as i hold you we become ghosts

and pass through each other

all these questions answered


i'm sick with these changes

this world that must be

worlds within ourselves

that we will not change

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