Equation of Inequality

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Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



Noble Natures of birth,

End in the soil of new beginnings.

Yet in growth of knowledge,

Grew bullies of bigotry.

These arcane notations,

Embedded in the seeds of life.


An idealist beliefs,

Answers lie in the unexplored.

On beds of the ocean,

As gases of cosmic nebulae.

Solutions in fact so simple,

It’s application, impossible.


Why as we live.


Under the same sky,

Do States of life differ?

Take the same air,

Yet some nostrils know only stench?

Blessed with the same prayers,

Do we have different fates?

Taste the same greens from the mother’s hand,

Yet some portions were never served. 


Math in schools couldn’t solve,

This equation of inequality.

Endless questions of why.

When all is warmed by the same sun,

Shroud in fear we couldn’t feel it’s warmth.

For those who don, the same cloth we do,

On our bodies. On their heads.

Become enemies of our future.


Are we only capable,

To Imagine beauty in blindness,

To love in impairment.

Will we only change and repent,

Seek forgiveness and love.

When this land is in flames.


For in its aftermath.

No life will sprout. 

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