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Poem about someone who is still in your heart long after they are gone...

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017




I play the Chopin sonata #2

while you caress my shoulders

I turn to hold and kiss you

only you are not there


you sit in bed and read Li Po

poems of drunkards and death

I lie near you listening

only you make no sound


you raise your wine glass to me

while I gaze into your gleaming eyes

a toast to our future together

only you hold an empty glass


from high atop the spiral staircase

you smile down and say my name

I climb up step by step to meet you

only you glide away from me


you are hiding in this big old house

perhaps in secret passageways

I hear your voice somewhere

only you cannot be found


then suddenly I turn and see

you standing next to me

I reach my hand out to touch yours

only you vanish with a laugh


© Copyright 2018 Brion. All rights reserved.

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