Parallel Piers

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Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



Strong sand winds blow. On a hand of hope along the coast. She is silent to my calls. I can only hear the burden falls. Stone pilot house , a beam that bows. To mother nature a heart aroused. Past ivory skies and emerald eyes. They are sisters in disguise. Could it be the dawn set free? That rejoiced in pleasure lifelessly? She holds a shell to her ear Listening to fear. She is blind to the ocean that crashes near . A bottle in the tide holding tears that I cried. And a letter to the love that said goodbye . I'm haunted.

A wrenching clan of a devoted stand . Tugs at my heart with a thieving hand . She is a passion dressed in historic fashion. She ages like a vampire. Yet drinks the blood of misery. I have to dig in. With a spade of steel . To hold on to nothing which is nothing that is real . I am haunted .

Parallel piers. Alone for a thousand years. Are distant conch whispers. That always go unheard. Take me high , on your angel wings and I swear I'd give anything for you. Make you shine like the light of teal that paints our picture in the sky. I chase this dream a want of repetition. To unite with you at last would be a suicide conviction. Because all these piers hold for me ..... Is a thousand miles of misery. I'm still haunted . ..

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