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I was while at school that where I live if you're black of of black heratige between the ages of 18 and 21 you are at the highest risk of dying than any other time in your life.
I was also told to study hard to ensure I could get the most out of my studies and live a long successful life. For alot of people those two things just can't coexist, so I think it makes sense that alot of kids just want to live, instead of go to school where they feel their life is being wasted. That's all this is about.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



The turbulent transference of transgressions through the lesser Lessons preached by legions of teachers ignoring letters Sent by suffering sinners with no cuase Just choas’ thoughts, chosen with no pause, just forsaken, rotten and frozen then ignored

Apply heat and pressure to try to make em better Forgetting that they first formed under similar weather Weathering through storms, no snowflakes form when thunder roars Yet these lions are of course just kids on your course

So stop treating them like soldiers with a need to be strong You're not wrong but understand the constants demands Turn men to boys not a boy to man Thus the youth stay young fixated on life plans

“I got to live before I die or visit the after life” Statically likely to reach 19 then die for skin coloured darker than mine You expect them to buckle down and think about the rest of their life? The next 5 years, that's your five year plan to get these boys invested in being...

Prisoners, to social circumstances and visited chances pass due to fear of insidious Systems thus, we missed them, the children with talent forced to show their talons instead of their passions Looking at commandments instead of their actions

Be successful don’t waste your life be the best you, you can be with this chance before you die Get a wife have a kid move in to a nice house All before your nineteen with a knife jutting out

Of your stomach, wrist or ruptured mind Tell them this then insist they enlist in the same system you're living in As they witness their friends trying and dying Mother's crying constant sirens reminding At least in prison they might have life a longer life, test time pick up your pen and begin to write.

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