It's going to be okay. Trust Me.

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This is a Vignette I did for my creative writing class. It's about a girl harming herself and her boyfriend trying to stop her.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



“Just get out” she yells at him, and slowly he walks out backs up to the wall and slides down it. He just covered his head with his hands as a tear slips but before he has time to even wipe it away he hears her crying. Quickly he rushes back into her room as he sees bright crimson lines on her arm, tears streaming down her cheeks, and in her shaking hand she has a blade. She clutches it tightly “I..I'm sorry” she says as he sits next to her “Baby give me it please” and she slowly hands the blade to him he takes it and goes into the bathroom, he flushes the blade then grabs a wet washcloth and goes back to her. He takes her arm and cleans the crimson lines gently so when he lifts the cloth away they look just like a cat scratched her “Do you have anymore razors?” he asked her and she gets up slowly, walks to her dresser and pulls out a small bag of blades, shiny, new, and never used she hands them to him and lays down on her bed softly crying. He walks out and puts the bag in his backpack then slowly walks back to her “It’s okay everything is going to be okay” He reassures her as she sits up slowly. He pulls her close to him and holds her, brings his hand up and slowly runs it through her hair “No more please baby I love you” she looks up at him “Okay..I love you too” she quickly looks away and bites her lip “I mean this, no more. Promise me?” He says to her lifting her face and rubbing his thumb across her tear stained cheek “I promise” she says and he can tell she means it by the look in her eye. They lay there the rest of the night and fall asleep together in each other's arms.

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