Dream Eater

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Short poem on Depression and Anxiety

Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



Dream Eater

I am drowning.

Then begins the shouting.

I’m doubting my pure potential.

Now comes the emotions of feeling resentful.

Thinking of the past and thinking of my existential.

Am I worth living for or can I make an impact?

I must free myself from this trap.

How is it possible to stab one's owns back?

I dream to find myself.

Can I find my theme?

Or shall I find a team that loves me?

I can’t love myself.

I have an enemy within myself.

I am fighting myself.

Can we help ourselves?

I begin to search for answers.

The enemy enters now.

Fighting the battle against agonizing distress, trying to free this oppress,

Drowning in anxiety, silently winning, violently fighting, I have then conquered this monstrosity, let us begin gaiety so I can gain sanity.

Welcome serenity, have we the audacity to fight this atrocity?

The attack of the midday reaches its final minutes, my enemy has reached its final destination.

It cries, then cracks, to no longer corrupt my tracks.

I have fought valiantly in this dark hour, it has left me sour without power.

To then realize that this victorious duel has cometh the hour.

Conquering the tower of feeling stagnant.

My enemy stays in silence to no longer corrupt my guidance to success.

My dreams may have been crushed.

They have been eaten.

But I shall remain sweeter.

Depression enters.

I ask depression a question.

Why do you cause repression?

The answer was I need you to hate yourself.

I have fought anxiety and now I am fighting depression.

Perhaps it needs viewer discretion after I release my dark dispossession.

The shadows are walking.

They are crying my name.

Trying to eat away at my dreams.

I reflect the beam.

It comes back.

It tells me why do I write, you’re wasting your time, you’re a loser, go cry by yourself, sleep yourself in despair, kill yourself, nobody loves you including yourself, give up on your dreams.

Your writing this and it doesn’t make sense.

The rose is falling, dark is rising.

Where has the sun gone?

Perhaps it's rising?

I must rise from this dark void.

I shall not let the dream eater affect me.

You can fight if you have patience.

I may collapse but I shall keep trying,

For that’s all we can do when we are crying

Who knows maybe it's dying.

Continue to be inspiring because you’re not alone in this fight against yourself.

Love to all those depressed and anxious people,

just remember we shall defeat the Dream Eater.


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