The fairytale of ancient godess of wisdom, Athina

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A small fairytale about perception of wisdom.

Submitted: June 29, 2017

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Submitted: June 29, 2017



A young boy is sitting in his room with the balcony door open, making a paper puzzle.A woman suddenly appears in the terrace.

"Hello",she says."My name is Life.I am here to make a wish you'll make,happen.Make your wish.",she urges the boy.

"Let me think.I don't want to live forever and I don't want eternal youth.",the boy thinks aloud.

"You don't want these things?Why?",Life asks curiously.

"If I live forever or if I choose youth,I will simply watch all that I love,wither and die.Ok.I have decided",the boy answers.

"What is your decision,then?",Life asks again.

"I want a very specific thing.I want never to repeat the same mistake.",the boy states.

"Why do you want this?",Life responds with her brow furrowed.

"Because, even though I will try, it is certain I will make mistakes.So, I want never to repeat them, in order to improve my way of thinking.", the boy explains.

"And why do you want so much to improve your way of thinking?Don't you believe you think good enough?",Life says starting to move her hands.

"Because if I improve my way of thinking, next time I will be the one granting the wishes.",the boys answers.


Note: I wrote the farytale in deep winter 14 February 1986, at the age of six, in honor of Athina.

© Copyright 2019 Lazaros Tasioulas. All rights reserved.

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