The Parking Lot

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a real encounter - with an ex

Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 30, 2017



The Parking Lot On a February afternoon carrying a bag of groceries she bumps into her ex-husband . “Hey!” she hears someone call across the parking lot. She ignores that because she does not respond to “Hey” and thinks it is a little rude. She continues to her car and hears “Hey- Lisa!” and turns around quickly. She is wearing her glasses; but is distracted by the weight of the groceries and the cold temperatures. “Oh – Hi!” she says with a fake enthusiastic tone. He seems extremely animated more so than she had recalled. Next to him is a tall attractive blonde woman- “his new wife” she thinks to herself. “This is ….” He politely introduces his new woman to her. They smile politely and shake hands. “He married up” she thinks to herself. “So what are you doing at my store?” She looks puzzled and feels her glasses slipping from the bridge of her nose, becoming tired from holding the jumbo pack of paper towels. “What? I have lived in this area for the last four years or so.” “Just joking” – he smiles and asks about her son. “I never hear from him- how is he?” She thinks to herself; “Hell No! You don’t hear from him because you were never invested; he recognized it even as a young boy; that’s why were divorced shithead!” Instead of saying what she felt, she politely smiled and told him “she would share his message”. She is eager to put down the groceries, end this useless interaction and get into the privacy of her little Honda. He continues “I have tried to send him gifts and contact him but he never got back to me.” She smiled and in a controlled tone said “He is a man now- I cannot speak for him but will share that you were asking about him.” “She wishes them both congratulations on their recent wedding and tries to exit gracefully.” She turns to his new woman and says “It was nice to meet you”. She really wants to wish her “good luck”. She wonders if this woman has realized the situation she has entered into. She quickly gets into her Honda and yes her glasses are askew and her nose is running- “Shit -why can’t karma allow for people to look cute when they bump into their ex?”

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