How The Grinch Tried To Steal Our Christmas. ... : Our Story, #1.

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A family is horrified to discover that their home was burglarized while they were at church for Christmas Eve services. This is their story.

Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 30, 2017



The worst possible thing has happened to us; I'm still in a state of shock.

Seems that we have been hit by a Grinch, and just before Christmas, too.  The children are going to be absolutely devastated when they discover that they are not getting anything for Christmas.  Our gifts that we had so lovingly bought and chose with care are gone; and the tree has been destroyed; lights and decorations are strewn all over the livingroom floor.

The police are here, trying to get clues, and trying to get answers from us, questions that we cannot even begin to answer, because we happened to be at church for Christmas Eve services when this happened.

Apparently, some greedy person (or persons) decided to help themselves to a little Christmas cheer and they happened to target ou house.  Why I don't know, but they did; I hope they are happy with themselves and what they did.  They may be happy, but they have left behind a family who will have nothing for Christmas.

Seems the Grinch lives in the real world; he is not just a children's story; many times over the Christmas holidays, one hears of people getting robbed by desperate criminals or perhaps homeless people trying to get themselves "a little something", just so their Christmas may be a little bit merrier or brighter.  They don't think of the heartache or grief they are inflicting on others; they just think of their own selfish or desperate motives.


I'm now currently trying to keep from crying; seems that's all I've done since discovering the horror scene right in our livingroom; now am trying to think of a way to break the news to the childen that Santa Claus had brought gifts for them for Christmas but some grinch stole them and now, because of someone's greed, they will not have anything to open for Christmas.

Merry Christmas to us.  :(

*End of part one!*

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