We Won, You Lost, Ha! Ha! Ha! Ha!

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Two losers enter a stadium song contest with a chance to compete during halftime of the Super Bowl.

Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 30, 2017



Jeff and Freddy started a band to try to win the grand prize of performing at the Halftime Show at the next Superbowl.

The problem was neither had much musical practice before hand.  With a little over two months until their regional competition and only 5 months before the superbowl the odds were pretty grim that they would be able to pull this off.

Both of them were in their early 30’s and going nowhere fast.  Jeff, a sandwich maker at the local sub shop and Freddy a night stocker at the only grocery store in town, the world did not seem to have a plan for either.  Both skipped college and opted to take these normal jobs.  Gigs is what Jeff started calling them as his frustration on his path had become more and more to a boiling point.  That is why he was so intrigued by this competition.

“A chance to turn it all around” he suggested to Freddy.  Freddy wasn’t a pessimist but more of a realist.  He said it was a good idea but knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere save for some jam sessions in his mother’s garage.

A month into it and they hadn’t had any luck finding a song that they felt good about.

“We need to scrap trying to put a normal song out and think outside the box”, Freddy suggested.“Think of the stadium songs with legs. ‘Whoomp’, ‘Jump, Jump’. ‘’

Two more weeks had passed and they weren’t any closer.  The next suggestion from Freddy was scrapping guitar and drums and going with accordians.  “Really think outside the box”.

So they rented accordians from a local church and came up with a song.  At the regional competition in Minneapolis, they were surprised at how most of the songs were not that catchy.  Some were, but most weren’t.  When they performed in front of the crowd at Mall of America it didn’t seem like it went well but they blew up on online voting and won.

Their prize was a performance at the NFC Championship game in late January.  The rule was they couldn’t deviate from the song they performed.  They could lengthen it up to 4 minutes but couldn’t change it or improve it.  They also won $5,000 so they ended up buying their own accordians for the show.

The other 5 region winners were announced within the same weekend and it was set for 3 to perform at the NFC game and 3 to perform at the AFC game.  The two winners would perform at halftime at the Super Bowl and the winner would get licensed at all 32 NFL stadiums  to play their song.

The competition was stiff as their’s was the only gimmicky song.  But without that they probably wouldn’t have gotten as far as they did.

With only the words “We won, You Lost! Ha, ha, ha, ha” repeated throughout the song they chose to actually shorten it to only 1 minute 20 seconds.  They figured the gimmick gotten them this far, why not go all the way with being different and turn it into a stadium song for games at the end.  A way for fans to frolick and rub it in to the opposing team.  They both agreed sportsmanship was going by the wayside anyway with the popularity of social media and comments on sports sites that had taken “talking trash” to a new level.

The other songs that made it as winners in the regions were better and more refined, but still lacked the staying power their song potentially had they thought.

Their song was the only one under the category of “other”.  There were two “hip hop” titled “We Got This” and “Boom”, one “rock” titled “Keep the Fight”, one “Christian” called “Under 1 Leader” and a “Country” song called “Everytime We Lace It Up”.

They had become local celebs when they went back to their hometown of 450 an hour away from Sioux Falls, South Dakota.  The kids loved them, the parents didn’t as much.  They thought the song encouraged poor sportsmanship. 

They were invited to perform at the local YMCA and one of the elementary schools but other than that most of the time in between winning the regional and performing at the NFC Championship game was spent living their normal day to day lives:  working, drinking a few beers on the weekend and practicing.

During their performance at the Championship game it didn’t go as well as planned.  The rain and snow mix put a damper on the mood of the crowd at halftime.  The AFC game was indoors and worked out well.

They didn’t win, as “We Got This” and “Everytime We Lace It Up” made it to the finals.  But they grew and accomplished something.  They didn’t feel there was irony in their loss considering their title, but they were happy with the experience.

Freddy continued to work stocking shelves and living in his mother’s house.  Jeff left South Dakota within the year for Seattle as he was still searching for more meaning in his life.

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