The Boy With Oustanding Powers

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I am writing a book. The book revolves around a boy named ray Lenten. He lives with his mum and dad Albert and Sarah Lenten His friend are called Lenny and Alice. Ray thought he was an ordinary boy in an ordinary family in an ordinary town. But he is really wrong. He has Power, superspeed. However he doesn’t know how to use his powers so Alice uses all her science skills to help and Lenny comes up with names and gadgets.

Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 30, 2017



Chapter 1


My name is ray I am an ordinary boy, well actually I am quite different I have powers. Soon it will be time to share my story but for now let me introduce myself as said before I’m ray. I live in light city. I don’t have any brothers but I have two great friends Alice and Drake. My mum and dad are huge scientist Albert and Sarah Lenten they are part of the matter project. So, the matter project is a project that will change the world there will a bomb it will let out modified matter that matter will evolve us “for the better” but I don’t like the idea. I think we are perfect the way we are and we don’t need to change. It is not my parents that are great scientists, my grandfather was a scientist but he had powers he was called the flash when I was little he used to tell stories of the 1960 the villains he faced my favourite was Bart Allen the fattest man alive. Then there were his friends Jesse quick kid flash part of team flash; they protected our world. I go to school but I don’t see the point in every lesson I am over a grade AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++************************************************************************************. However, if I didn’t go to school I would not get to see my friend and do even better. So, I might as well go. My Grandfather turned out to have powers to apparently, that’s where I got powers.

My dad loves comics and loves making references his favourite comics series has to be flash which is very ironic you no with the powers and all. However, the way I got my powers was a very long story that’s why I hope you’re comfortable because this is a long one. So, it all started on a Monday yes, no surprise a Monday After my dad literally dragged me downstairs I got to the breakfast table. My mum was cooking some blueberry pancakes. They were my favourite dad was drinking his English tea he has been addicted since he went to England. Actually, it is very rare that the whole family is here in the US. Normally mum and dad are on business trips to all sorts of places but today we were all here as a family. After I ate my pan cakes it was time to grab my bag and head out to middle school but I needed to go to Alex’s house where drake should be then we could all walk to Westland high. The school was full of people waiting for class to start people were all in their different groups talking and laughing. I guess this was middle school however when the few unfortunate students realised they had English first period on a Monday morning. There could be nothing worse especially if you had English with Miss French which is ironic because her name is Miss French but she teaches English, you know what I am going to stop about this irony thing. Now back to the story. With the group of friend’s, they had English with Miss French. And when the realised they went to the floor Miss French was the worst teacher ever. She gave night mares she had a wrinkle face and shrivelled hands here nails were like knives she portrayed a spitting image of a witch. Sometimes ray thought she was a witch but it turned out she wasn’t the way he found that out was a long story. However, we do have time so let’s begin. They watched a movie on how witches would die if you poured water over them and that what they did so either she is not a witch which is  extremely unlikely or that she has water proof armour which is very likely. Before the lesson We were given a special assembly on things happening around us like the new bus station and the new school. Are current school was nice and amazing but that was 20 years ago. Now it is an old an nearly abandoned building maybe I am exaggerating the outside looks old and dirty but the inside is pretty nice but it isn’t that nice so the principal decided to build a new school. The new school has being a big thing in our school we have not seen the real thing only designs but whenever it comes to the subject of not having something in our current school it will be in the  next personally I think I think it is being hyped up to much.

Chapter 2

So, the lesson has started. Ray sits nowhere near drake and Alice. Apparently, they will distract each other. But apart from that they got to watch a movie. It was almost Christmas break it was also rays class assemblies. And rays class has a reputation for worst assemblies ever the even have a world record. Last year it was on safety a kid named Brian thought it would be a good opportunity to show what not to do they nations whole medical force had to attend all I am going to say never give a kid a flame thrower and petrol because things get ugly very fast. This year we have half of California’s medical force just in case. In homeroom, the group of friends were asked to create the power point they agreed but had no idea what to do, this was a big problem. After hours of thinking (*cough* 3 min) they had an idea let’s make this presentation an educational video, on War of the stars. We could show how education it is for the young youth of today. We could talk about the back story that would cover history. All the persuasive writing for English all the planets for geography it is a clip so drama is complete and the backstory will have numbers so that’s covered. Now let’s hit the studios (aka. The bedroom)

The second they went in they were blinded by the white, everything in ray’s bedroom was white polished, so it shone like a star. After they put their shades on they went to the stations ray would be talking Alice would be filming and Drake would be the editor. It was time to film they decide to shoot with a ray’s comic collection at the back and made it like a news flash. I was an absolute piece of art. After they showed the home room teacher Miss Caesar they were given a postcard each for the big raffle at the summer break. So, after homeroom it was lunch we all ate lunch outside on the tables. We were all minding our own business when the school bully starts to pick on a 7th grader Bill is the worst bully I know it wasn’t my fight I got angry and I went up to him and told him to fight someone his one size which got us sent to the principal’s office. So, I decided to get ready to go to the big unveiling. Oh, I haven’t told you about the matter ray well let me explain. My parents are DNA scientist they found a way to change DNA however to their surprise the change lasted for less than an hour then changed back to how it was. They researched and found a way to use the method for Changing the DNA to Change matter. Matter makes up everything including DNA they created a way to create a machine that will be able to change the matter around us permanently. This is a scientific breakthrough. It will be amazing it is being unveiled to night and me and my friends have exclusive MVP + which will be awesome. I chose the food personally, I just can’t wait so that means I should get ready Mum picked out a special outfit it is a suit apparently, it cost a lot. So, that’s the outfit done now to pack my backpack. I know it weird taking backpack but it has essentials it has my phone camera surface book and my rubix cubes I love solving rubix cubes I have a whole collection. My mum told me it made you smarter because of all the techniques once you get the hang of it, is all about timing and speed. But enough about preparing lets head to the tree house. The tree house is where we all go to meet up we made it with our parents and our parents made it amazing my parents helped with the electronics (dad has a master’s in ICT) Drakes mum and dad are architects and Alice mum and dad are designers so it is amazing. There is a giant flat screen TV. And self-heating couch for the cold days, there is a machine that transform water into any food we want there is also a free vending machine and a slushy machine, we have this app on the TV that lets us watch any movie in cinemas. We also have sleep overs at the tree house because it is the best place ever.




Chapter 3

In the tree house, I gave everyone their passes Drake keeps on telling me that I need to change the name, in his it is terrible apart from that we just chat to each other about the homework until it was time to go the company that’s is holding the revealing has rented a limo for the ride apparently there is free Pop. Pop is the best tasting sugary fizzy delight ever but it is really bad apparently it is acid for your teeth so I only have a bit per week. Now the drive wasn’t that long thanks to my speed cube. But the venue was just wow it had a giant dome it had flashing white lights all around it had car parks nearly as big as my school it looked amazing. So between you and me I am a little shy and I have to give a speech mum said there would only be a hundred people there is probably 1000 people and that just the first row if you now your math 1000 people per row for a hundred rows equals a lot of people I had come up with a small speech. But when I went up there I felt  sense of pride so I talked about it I said how I felt proud my parents created something that would change the world I talked about this for what seemed like minutes but were hours After my speech my mother came crying to me. She said that I could have the honours of pressing the buttons for the launch but before we should look at the other invention that were here me and rake new what we had to do and that was to get some drinks. Especially Pop, because that is the best drink. Once we had some drinks we decided to get something to eat because drinking does make you hungry we went to the food table it had a silver silk cloth and more than a hundred pots, and bowls. But best of all there was pizza. But not any old pizza a 100 slice square pizza and there were ten me and drake got our Pop and jumped for the pizza we ate 1 full pizza it turned out that it was part of an invention it was part of a duplication ray from 1 slice of pizza came and that got me thinking of all the things that that could do and decided that was the second best project after my parents project because what’s better that an invention that can make you evolve or in other words do nearly anything after mine and Drakes little feast we realised that we had not seen Alice for ages. So we decided to look around because we were worried for our friend but she was nowhere. We looked at every convention but she was nowhere to be seen and that’s when we were worried after searching for her everywhere but we weren’t going to find her Drake suggested she might have gone home but that seemed unlikely because her house is more than 5 miles away so we sat down and thought of what to do. The logical thing was to call the police and tell my parents so we decided to call the police but before the police picked up she came out of nowhere apparently she was at the toilet and I trusted her so I didn’t say anything. After seeing all the conventions once more it was time to launch the blast but we couldn’t because the national news hadn’t arrived yet so once I went onto the stage I decide to get some air this is where my life changed I would change the world with one button. It would not affect everyone just a few people but definitely me I was nearest to the blast. So, one I got some fresh air. I was really nervous this was going to go live this was the biggest thing ever to happen to mind kind and I was going to start it. I went inside the news station had gathered around this was the time to press the button. I was getting ready to press the button but all of a sudden black lightning filled the room I closed my eyes. I don’t know what happened all I could hear were screams horrible screams all of a sudden everything went quiet but then and huge eruption took place and I knew what it was it was the matter beam. That’s all I heard then I felt weird. Then I went to the sleep and that’s all that I can remember.


Chapter 4

6 months had past I wake up in hospital all of a sudden loads of machines start flashing and making noises the doctor comes in and calls a nurse he told me all that had happened my friends had passed out for a day and woke up with minor injuries but I had been in a comma, For 6 months! But then I asked about my parents His expressions changed and started off by saying that he was sorry they had a knife badly cut them in the chest. How could someone do this? There and then I vowed that I would find my parents and get justice for his wrong. After I was let out of the hospital I went to my family house once more that was the last time I saw my house. Drake’s parents offered to take care of me until I was ready for the real world. So that would be my new home. I just couldn’t take this in this happened in just one week. My parents died, I had a new home. School was the same old. It felt like a circle over and over again the same thing kept happening I was tired of this. I had to make a change. Once I felt like this. I went to sleep and then it happened I gained my speed. Let me say it was no easy process the next morning I was in a sort of cocoon I felt nothing. It had been a day and drake’s family was very worried and opened the cocoon. Then I woke up immediately. I didn’t feel different. When I woke up it got emotional they thought that they had lost me. They also thought someone was after my family. I think that is true but the thing that killed my parent had the chance to kill me why didn’t it I won’t no. I decided to go outside for a little bit Drake decided that he would join me so there we were walking on the street side I told him how I felt he said he couldn’t imagine what I would be going through. You know, he might of made my week I knew that he was a true friend. But that wasn’t all that happened on our walk when we decided to head back home a car driver was in a rush then a woman who had her baby in a pram was about to cross the road before the driver crashed into her I closed my eyes and I was holding the mum and child on the side of the road only I was on the opposite side of the road I had no idea how I got there I thought I had teleported. I just ran straight to my bedroom and stayed there. My new family came running to my room they asked what happened. There was no point in hiding it I had powers. No one believed me, not even I believed myself that I really have powers Alice came up with a great idea. We should go to the abandoned race track and take a speed camera from school and see if I really have got super speed. I thought that sounded like a great Idea so I told them to meet me at the café at noon. Personally, I was worried if I did have super powers would I end up like the flash having the responsibility to help would the government just keep me a secret is the world even ready for super heroes and more importantly super villains. I think I know how I got my powers the matter beam worked. The beam has one flaw it gives power to random people those people could be robbers or worse that means they just got power to destroy police. Why would my parents create a machine that could do such good but could do more damage? I know my parents well they are my parents after all. They would always go with a safe bet they would never take a risk. But on this they took a huge gamble something was very wrong. And was going to find it. So now it was time to meet my friends at the café I was hungry so I decided to order a meat feast pizza my favourite pizza by the time it was done cooking Drake and Alice had arrived they said we had to hurry their families insisted on coming to see what happens.


Chapter 5

So now I had a crowd to amaze we made sure everything was ok because we didn’t want me getting hurt so I had to wear a radioactive suit. So this was it time to show my super speed. I had built they hype up so much I was about to explode. Drake said on a count of three. Three, two ,one, go! . I ran as fast as I could but it didn’t have the same feeling . I opened my eyes and realised I hadn’t started running. So we started again this time when I ran it was the best feeling ever I felt like I could do anything. The wind on my face felt beautiful I closed my eyes I didn’t know how long I had been running. But I ended up hitting a wall. I ran back and they all had horrific expressions My clothes were burning. I decided to use my powers again I ran to the nearest shop quickly got some clothes paid and changed went back to the family and friends and then their expression turned normal. All of them exploded into talk asking questions like how and when. I myself didn’t know the answers to a few questions. But I knew one thing I felt great. I knew that this was what I was meant for I was the fastest man alive all the things I could with my knew found power, I could create, I could help I was buzzing and my friends could see me I was moving side to side but at speeds unimaginable. Alice tries to calm ray down by saying we need to do a few more tests to make sure all your vitals are ok we also need to measure your speed. Then ray says were should we do it then Alice’s mum suggests that three was this abandoned lab owed by Rays parents which ray now owns it was used to test the speed of thought it has a round tube which was used to send thought as a beam it was endless and it has cameras to show the speed ray asks how they now this Alice’s parents reply with that they simply had a tour when they needed a high-tech processor. Ok that’s where we need to go. Where is it? 20min away from your house wait, a giant laboratory is 20 min away from my house, how did I not see it? Oh, yes one more thing it is underground. Ok but where is it? 3rd door in your basement. So that is were we should go. I said bye to the guys and told them to meet me at the house I was starving so I was going to eat first. So I went to my favourite food place some fast food for a fast guy once I finished eating at normal speed. I decide to take a detour to the grand canyon I have always wanted to visit the place with my family well sadly that won’t be happening. After I went the view on the top of the Grand Canyon was amazing I took a selfie too show my friends. After I was done I zoomed of to my old house to go to the basement. The basement was filled with horrors and delights. After we got past those and we ended up at the end of the basement were there was only one door I asked Alice’s mum were the other doors were she just said wait and see so we went to this old book case on the floor and then Alice’s mum said to move it out of the way and there lay an old dusty carpet underneath was a facial recognition lock door that looked like it was brand new and had been recently used I looked at it and it started scanning my face I was so scared and I jumped out of the way and it stopped scanning then drake said I should let it scan me maybe I could open it so that is what I did. But just before I was going to open it Alice’s parents stopped me and said that whatever was behind this door I should not be scared or happy. So with that in mind I opened the door and I had the biggest shock in my life there were humans. I fell to the floor I thought I had a heart attack.


Chapter 6

The room was no room it was massive there were people everywhere they were still working on a project that had finished 10 years ago, how was this possible. I decided to approach one of these people he looked at me and then said initiate proto-call 173821 All of a sudden all the people stopped what they were doing and walked to the centre of the place. They all pointed to some weird control panel which looked like something out of wars of the stars. It had a slick finish and some flashing lights and some beeping lights. I went over to it and all of a sudden all the buttons except for one went black the one that was flashing red so I decide to press it all of a sudden all the eyes of the people went red and they started to run after us I told my friends to run for it and that’s what they did. I decided to see what these powers could really do and let’s say that is a lot because when I decided to punch a person let’s just say that he went flying. So I went into this speed state where everything was going in slow-motion and I was still going in normal speed so I ran to the people and punched each one in the stomach it was like they were made of metal then it hit me quite literally they were robots not people. so, after I hit them all of them stopped and all of a sudden, they all went flying. It was like a ghost had hit them. When all my friends had recovered from the traumatic experience I told them what I did but then they mentioned that my clothes were on fire. So, I had to get a new pair of clothes and then I came back. I went back to the control centre there was a button that was very oddly coloured like my mums bracelet I pressed it and all of a sudden a hologram of my mum appeared in front of me she started talking she said that she was the NI of my mother NI being Natural Intelligence she had the mind and memory of my mother I started asking questions like how and why. but then she said from your questions me and your farther are dead don’t you want to know what killed us or who. Then she explained everything we wanted to create some sort of powers for you make you the first super human however we were not sure if the first matter beam would work so we tried to find someone with similar DNA we did find a man by the name of Malcom Ride he agreed to help us on our project. Once the beam shot him he gained powers super speed we wanted to test something else we tried to break reality and enter other realities this was accomplished once he went in he came straight back but he was not the same he said that this was because of us he had gone corrupt when entering the new reality, he killed every man woman and child on that earth he wiped them out he could not live with this. He then realised that he could go back in time and kill us but then it hit him if he killed us he would never have been given the powers he would never have moved from England the whole reason was us. As we play a big role in today’s society he probably thought we had great descendants which we do. He is somewhere in time trying to kill the great descendants to kill you which will stop you from being born stopping us from building the matter ray. So I realise what I have to do stop Malcom. Get justice for what he has done and look cool while doing it.


 For this I will need a suit Drake will do that. Alice I need a way to let you see what I see and to communicate even through time.

Chapter 7

So we all got to work on our project but then I realised the hard truth we had homework teachers mess with our free time when we do nothing wrong to them there must be justice. First the home work then we get back to the important stuff we all have maths and business homework maths is long and easy but business is hard and short it was difficult to choose between the two, I am going to go with business. So I had to create a hard project So once I finished the business I decided to head to the tree house for a break I decide to watch a short film. To keep my mind of things it is really scary. I mean how would you feel knowing someone is out trying to kill you even if I do have powers it petrifies me. I mean the feeling that you could die any second. Well the movie was nice well were I watched it too because Drake came in to talk to me he said he had spent ages since he found out that I had powers making a suit he wanted something that could withstand a lot of pressure and something that would look cool so he decided to get a lot of platinum and steel wires then compress them in a thread so he could nit a suit and let me say the suit was astonishing. The shoes were curved on the edges the kind of shoes super man would wear. Drake thought they would help me float if I ever ran on water which would be nice to try out the. Thighs and lower legs had Lightning bolt colour scheme which should make it look like I have thunder following me at high speeds. There was a belt it was very thin, I asked about that and Drake told me that Alice had wanted it to put a satellite so we could communicate so I left that and looked at the at the chest area it looked amazing a ‘S’ engraved it was slightly tilted like ‘S’ but looked amazing with the yellow colour it was all black and a bit yellow in the head area it was all around with one way glass for the eyes and the mouth area was hazed I asked about the glass apparently it was almost indestructible and the mouth plate would allow me to breath if going at extreme speed also there was self-heating and self-cooling and other amazing things. I was really excited to ware it but then Drake said that when I ran no force would act upon me and I would really go at speeds I didn’t know existed but once I can’t see anything I must stop straight away because we don’t need you traveling somewhere in time where we can’t get you that would be the worst-case scenario.

Ok so after Drake left we ate a few burgers then he left so then Alice came straight away she had a small chip it would go in my suite had a giant processor which would let me communicate when I ran long distances.

Chapter 8

Ok, so my friends had done their part in helping me now it was time I did my part I decided to were all the gear and it looked awesome. So, I told them I was going to run around the globe and they would time me I ran as fast as I could and once I stopped they finished saying ‘go’ I told them that I had finished then Drake said there was a tracker that would let us see if I went around the world and when we finished I had to say I told you so. So, then Alice thought we should try walking on water and that felt amazing. We kept on walking on water just because it was fun so then I thought why not run on air they all looked like I was crazy but I said if I had enough speed I could walk over a gap. So, then Alice said there may actually be a chance of success. And Alice is rarely wrong so I realised that I really didn’t want to die so I went to school to see if they had an extra gym net which they did only coach wanted me to finish this assault course but when he looked the other way I zoomed off he didn’t buy it but he gave the mat anyway. So we set up the net were we thought would be best for a jump and that was canyon hills they are two rocky hills both looking over the city with a gap in the middle so it took us an hour to set up the net but once we did it did not look reassuring so I went to one hill and ran as fast as I have ever gone I just went plummeting down to the floor. I went up again this time I run backwards around the earth so I was on the other side of the hills and then I ran forward from the other side and came back around the earth and made the jump. Then I Thought of something crazy something that could never work what if instead of going to the other side I turned and ran onto of the city I got ready and I wasn’t scared because every house had a swimming pool so if I needed to crash land I had an option a took a run up and jumped but then kept running I went for about 30 before falling into a swimming pool so I think that was a little two ambitious.

It felt amazing when I ran. I just could not explain the feeling it felt like when you have a lot of energy drinks and you are really excited. It felt something like that but on a whole new scale. After our experiment, I realised that we had school in 3 days the holidays sound so long but there like a weeklong. So, I got everything ready for school and just moaned about school luckily we all were surprised by Alex’s family and we were going to a the park call Adventure land and I have seen it before and it is scary but looks fun so I was really excited and really looking forward to it but I had chores, however with drake chores are so much fun.

Chapter 9

So, after we finished the chores we had to think of something important. The spring dance, drake told me that I needed to ask Alice and not be a wuss then I told him to him that I didn’t like her he said I always stare at her in lessons it was pretty obvious any idiot who spent a day in my class would know that I liked Alice. So, I made a deal with him if he got s girl to ask him out then I would ask her to the dance. After we settled that I wanted to test something I read in a book on space, a dwarf star is very fast and when it hits something it has amazing strength I realised that my speed was almost double a dwarf star what if I held my fist in front of me then ran as fast as I could then hit something it should in theory either sent it flying or it should melt so we tried this with a soda can. The results were catastrophic the can exploded and became thinner than paper the side of it was sharp enough to cut flesh clean off it was invisible at an angle. Now it was time to see it through a slow-motion camera drake had ordered online from it was one of the best ever created if the fastest man alive ran through it and it was a second-long video it would be a yearlong Alice calculated that if I reached lightspeed it would take a few hours. So, after we set up the cameras in our new base of operation we decided to take a break but while on our break we got a more messages than normal on our class group chat our class group chat is a group chat for our class where you ask a question and get a response straight away and is really good if you have a question you are stuck on or something like that. But the reason that there was so much messages was because apparently one of our project due dates were move forward two weeks so it is due two tomorrow and the projects is one of the hardest we have gotten.

Chapter 10

I just want to say art is definitely not one of my strong points so making the front poster was torture I lost two rubbers in the process of the first letter I just want to say that it was not the greatest poster but I was proud now it comes to my speciality computing so I turned on the computer had 6 pages to write about did it in less than 210 seconds these powers weren’t just good for heroic stuff they were great for a lot of things having to go to class I will never be late. Oh, I know a greet use imagine I have forgotten something at home I am a bit forgetful I could run and get it back and it would look like I was in the same place. I could run every piece of land there is and stop crimes I could stop poverty I could filter water by using my speed to power filters I had so much power/But there is one thing that I always question how was I given these, power mum once said if you were meant to have power that you would use to fulfil something but I have no Idea what I need to after that very deep thought I decided to head to the tree house it was Friday night so that meant pizza movie night and it was my turn to get the pizza. After I grabbed the pizza I headed to the tree house when I heard screaming in an alley way I took a look at super speed it was a robbery so I went and got my suit from my bag and ran to the rescue but the man’s his skin was a scaly crocodile like texture and I will just say that it was impenetrable then I realised that he had little spikes on his back the skin around there was soft so I punched the and he fell to the floor after I took care of him I told my friends about him in movie night Alice had a face that said oh no we will die. After that she explained that she knew what had happened apparently we were right. We were right the matter ray gave powers to people with bad intentions me and Alice were horrified but Drake looked like he was enjoying himself all he said were super hero fight super villain. I just realised what he meant now I had something to fight. Alice also said I had something else to fight it was called homework. There is one lesson me, Alice and drake don’t have Physical education I had home work they did not the home work was to plot a graph to see how your heart beat changes when you run a certain distance the two distance was a mile if I ran that much the teacher would think I am lying because my heart beat would not have changed compared to the start so either way I would get a detention. So how would I get around this then I realised it does not have to be me I looked at my friends they said no way!

Chapter 11

Then I looked at them with a smug look I told them I would get whatever they wanted were ever it was then drake agreed a little too quickly then drake something to Alice and the she had an enormous smile over her face then she said it could be anywhere and I said yes. this is when I realised I used the wrong set of words I should have said anywhere on the planet they both wanted a moon rock told them I would do it if they did all my home work for a month they said ok. I told them tomorrow at 12pm I would go to the moon. An I knew exactly how to do this I would run on a tread mill that would be an top of something facing the moon then I would stop the treadmill and shoot out I would have to go as fast as the speed of time. So after I set everything up I went to my suit and made some modifications to let me breathe on the moon I made a natural supply of oxygen by putting a plant I the wall of my suit. After that I went home it was game night at drake’s house. we had to try and not to laugh at some jokes we had to put water in our mouths and face each other. Drakes mum and dads go was so funny I read out the joke it said

“Q: What do you call an alligator in a vest?
A: An Investigator

Everyone started laughing their heads off. There was water every were while we were filling up on water drake decides to say

“Q: What do you call a fake noodle?
A: An Impasta”

Water shoots out of my nose it was one of the most painful thing that has every happened to me it is like there is a pipe in your through but the worse thing is the after effect it is like there is something in your mouth and nose. It by far the worst thing ever tying with marmite’s after Drakes mum and dads turn it was mine and drakes turn all I want to say is brace yourself for the next joke because I had tears on my face I also learned that I am a very good sprinkler. The joke read by drake’s dad was

“Q: Why did the picture go to jail?
A: Because it was framed.”

It was one of the worst jokes I had ever heard just how bad it was made me cry. The only person I could see laughing at that is you’re mum because she does not want you to feel bad it just hurt listening to that joke. Now it was time to go to school and I really wasn’t looking forward to it we had to go on a trip to a cave yes a cave I really don’t get why we could not just get rock samples at school than I have to go on a 3 hour journey to a cave.

Chapter 12

It was all nice when a dead corpse came flying through the window I had never seen the face but the face looked shock as if not expecting to die it was very mysterious and very scary I quickly ran and took it with me to our secret lab I put it on a table. Alice suggested that it may be a poison of some sort so we ran a quick vital scan reviling that he had been poisoned by a unknow element no human had ever see before. However, after deep analysis we have discovered that this substance was in fact decaying the body. We left the body for a few hours to see what would happen when we returned the results were horrifying. The unknown element in the body had not only decade the skin tissue but the entire body. What was left was a corpse that had been left for at least a hundred years it was a hideous sight. But what could have caused this to happen. Alice then joined in and said personally I think it could be two things either it could be a poison or it could be time sickness. Then Ray asked what in the world time sickness was then Alice explained a theory if someone echo is not a speedster travels through time will this not cause the person to change to whom they are at the time meaning that this person is from the future and the only way they could have come to the future was if another speedster had sent them here. Then they all had a horrified look a look that meant to say not him. They all knew the speedster that had sent this person Malcom. But then why didn’t he come himself why send an unfortunate person there was no point then Ray spoke up what if he had murdered someone from where he had come from the police would be after him and he would have taken this man hostage to escape then he just killed him for no reason. But then here is the thing he cannot return to our present he has to be in the future or the past. Yes, but that makes sense said ray when travelling through time you travel through a time loop it is a tunnel of sorts if something drops into it then it will land in a random time and to our luck it landed here. So now we can find who this is, his date of birth and then see how old he goes back to that specific time stop Malcom and end this once and for all. It seemed simple enough all we had to do was to get ready. Drake went to make sure the suit was in perfect shape Alice went to make sure the communicator was still in and she put a GPS in rays suit so we could see his location from a eagle perspective and ray went to practise ray wanted to see if he could do some comic book super hero moves he wanted to see if he could faze so he tried to go into a wooden wall but he was sent flying back then he slowly walked up onto the wall and put his hand on it and then concentrated then he walked through the door with ease.

Chapter 13

So now I want to try and do a lightning storm move this is a move were I run around in a circle and send a bolt of lightning at the target. Now I decided to use a sand bag as my target as it would turn into glass if it worked correctly. So, I ran around the sand bag then shot a bolt of lightning only it went just past the sand bag and the bolt hit a mirror reflecting the bolt back at me I was so shocked at my stupidity and stood still and let the bolt hit me although it should of killed me my body regenerated just before I died so I lived however I realised that this would not be the move to use as I would be unaware of my surroundings.

Sadly, Before they could get a move on they had to go to school and to their surprise there was a new math teacher he taught well and was really funny only others thought the work was difficult. After maths and 10 people getting detentions we had aerobics. Aerobics was where we had to run through a course of obstacles who ever finished first would not have a detention everyone else would get a detention and the obstacle course was ten miles long and would probably take the rest of the day. So, they decided it was probably best to begin ray said that the second Mr sharp their Aerobics teacher turns around we will make a significant jump in witch position they are. So once they got their chance ray moved all of them forward


So once everyone was ready it was time to travel to the past only there was one problem this wasn’t the past we were in the future it was something out of this world it looked like something you would expect to see in a movie there were buildings taller than the tallest skyscraper these sky scrapers were actually scraping the sky they were beyond comparison. Then there were train going as fast as Ray there was a system all the people were like robots none of them talked they just did what they did however then came a ship this ship had a red and black skull imprinted on its bottom all of a sudden a scream of fear lashed out across the city Ray asked Alice and drake if they could hear that and they replied with loud and clear then it became worse the sky ship started booming the city then a loud speaker boomed and said “Ray come out from where your hiding I will bomb all these people if I have two”. That’s when ray realised he could not interfere a ran back to the present. Only he was not in the present and that’s when he realised that he was in space looking at the sun ray though it was either the past or future the world had been destroyed and humans were extinct he ran back once more and that’s when he arrived at the present. Only it seemed like he had just left. He just saw himself leave once he returned to the present he intercom turned off.


Chapter 14

The reason the intercoms turned off was because he had returned to the second he had left. Both Alice and Drake turned around and looked like they had seen a ghost. The Drake spoke up and said you just left how are you here he then said because I came back to the time I left but the trip was useless I did not go to the past we need a device to send me to a specific time. Then Drake said he could make a watch then Alice said she would make it so that when he went to the time vortex the date on the clock Is the date he arrives on. Then ray realised that he had to go to the LCPD the towns police department he had to give a statement on the recent death. So once he arrived at the police station he had to give all the details of the murder and what had happened ray remembered it so clearly the day he had lost everything. He had lost his parents it felt as bad as it did when it happened he was going to find Malcom and make him pay for what he had done. So after the interview he decide to head to the local mall he wanted to get something to put his mind of the recent events he went to the mall and started to walk around it felt so wrong he normally came here with his grandma who had passed away a few years ago back then he would stay with his grandma while his parents were working he felt so down when he remembered these things then he realised he could just change everything he could go back change his parents dying he could save his parents this could change everything he would not have to live this miserable life anymore everything would be perfect. But the risks he had to think of them two then he realised he was not the flash with his parents alive he would still have his powers if anything went wrong I could change everything back nothing could possibly go wrong. So, then ray decide that that was what he wanted to do but the problem was weather or not to tell his friends about it or not?


Chapter 15

He thought long and hard about telling his friends but then decided not two they would not see so he went to see his friends for the last time then he ran he ran as fast as he could he could no man could stop him he was breaking Mach over and over again nothing in the history of the world could stop him until he reached the unveiling of the matter ray ,ray looked at  his watch 1 minute till the murder so he got ready the plan was to knock out Malcom then send him into the speed force he would never get out. However the speed force required immense speed so ray got himself ready and stood in positon once Malcom entered ray ran at him and grabbed his shirt Malcom had no idea what was going on so ray went and threw he right into the speed force once Malcom realised what had happened he screamed falling deeper into the speed force until he was just a spec then ray ran back to the present but when he arrived everything was different it was like how it was before it was perfect he went to his house where he was greeted by his parents he went up to them and gave them a hug he was so happy the way everything had turned out nothing looked out of place this was perfect but then when I went to the tree house it was destroyed. I asked how and then mum replied don’t you remember a meta human did it and then I realised that in this world there were loads of people with super powers most of them for their own good that’s when he realised he needed to help he decided to call Alice and drake and Alice’s phone did not pick up but drake did I asked him were Alice was and then Drake replied “don’t you remember what happened? ,she was helping Malcom She was a speedster too just like I am only when Malcom was sent into the speedster by that one speedster she went after him their both in the speed force.”

Ray took a moment to take this in one of the most trusted finds was the reasons his parents died. Ray then asked drake if my parents had died we would have still been friends with that monster he felt so bad but then he realised that was the old world and this was a new one he should just forget about it.

Chapter 16

Then he realised the huge mistake he made he could not enter the speed force because Malcom now has it under his power then ray questioned how he could be so stupid as to do that he had just lost his powers. Unless he ended this he had to  make him pay he had to pay for what he has done what if ray ends this what if he sends Malcom into the temporal zone a place where the horrors of the world are trapped if he did this then he could use his powers only there was one problem to enter the temporal zone you need to travel at speed s to break the space barrier this required super powers ray did not have these unless he ran into the speed force three he could pull Malcom out of it then send him into the temporal zone. So, then he decided to get his costume on and get to work only he could not find his costume in its place there was a costume similar to his only it was silver then he realised and final thought that the speed force was on his side this was drakes costume. He needed to fight drake so he went looking for him in the new tree house there he found destruction and chaos the walls were in pikes Drake had been taken so he ran to the tallest building in light city where he found a small gate way to the Speed Force ray ran to stop this vile creature from taking drake the monster was a zombie like humanoid and was wearing his costume! How though he grabbed drake and ran into a time vortex which sent him to the future where they had run away from the monster then drake asks how in the world did he find him then ray just says that that is for another time and that is when they both go back then ray tells Drake everything of how Alice was not a speedster how he was not a speedster also that his parents had died and how he changed everything.

Chapter 17

Drake then looks at ray disappointed he tells him how it was not his decision to make speedsters have the responsibility to protect not wreck then drake becomes angry and starts to shout what would you have done would you have let your parents die when you had the chance to change it then drake replies with of course but that does not mean it was the right thing to do. Should you not be preparing a suit we have someone to take care of once and for all. So ray ran on every bit of the earth in search of this beast. Finally, he came across him in the mediation desert ready for their final battle.

Chapter 18

Both speedster looked each other in the eye ray could say nothing to this man. All of a sudden Malcom ran in a large circle at speeds far superior to rays then in the empty desert there was a portal and out of it jumped at the speedster of death and came at ray in a surprise. Ray ran but the speedster tailed behind him it was some sort of hideous zombie like creature. It made disturbing noises as it ran effectually ray became tired and decided to hid he went into a cave in a mountain. As he hid death could not find him then he realised that it was death it was smelling a sort of sent. Ray used his super brain to see the possibilities of what death could be smelling. Then it hit him (not literally) the speed force if he didn’t run at super speed he was safe. That was when he realised he could use this to his advantage. If the beast followed him back to Malcom, then Malcom would run and would be killed by “death”. So, that was the plan. Let’s just hope it worked. so, once ray had built enough courage he ran at super speed at Malcom and stood infant of him this surprised him and so he ran this caused him to be pushed into the portal death came out of.

Chapter 19

He had done it he had defeated Malcom but why did he feel so bad. He knew deep down that Malcom didn’t deserve it so he went to talk to drake and drake said he should save Malcom. So, they got ready and using a machine drake wiped up he jumped into a portal awaiting the truth.

Ray finds Malcom full of hatred and revenge they ran at each other the n ray gets the upper hand and smashes Malcom down driven by hatred ray is about to strike the final blow but then he is stopped and realises what he is doing and asks why did you kill them he replies kill who then ray becomes angry and shouts my parents he looks shook he then says if I killed your parents then I would lose my powers  and I will never return home…


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