Devious Encounter

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Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 30, 2017



Here I am, sitting in the middle of the bed, waiting anxiously for him to arrive. Who would have thought that I, Lucia, would be awaiting this particular man to show up to meet me at a motel? This isn't something that I'd normally agree to, but with this man, I have a feeling that he could persuade me to do a lot of devious things that I can only dream of. It's 6 p.m. and he's supposed to arrive around 6:15. What's a woman to do? I climb off of the bed and walk over to the bathroom. "What in the hell are you doing, Lucia?," my subconcious asks. I observe my appearance in the mirror and suddenly, I feel very unsure of myself. I begin to think about the man that I'm going to fuck. Yes, fuck. There's me, Lucia, a headstrong 22 year old and I am about to bang a man who is twelve years older than me. That's right, I agreed to meet up at a motel with a 34 year old man to engage in sexual intercourse. I start to second guess my choice. I mean, we work together and how can I trust that this encounter will remain strictly between us? Hm, maybe I'll just quit my job after tonight. Flee the country? Change my name and undergo a face transplant. "Calm down, woman," a voice in my head demands. I hear my phone buzz. I scramble to get to my phone and I see that I recieved a text message from him reading: "I'm here. Heading up to the room." As I read the last word, I feel my stomach drop to the floor and my heart has picked up its pace quite dramatically. Before I can have a mini freak out, I hear a soft knock on the door. I slowly make my way to the door, unlock it, open it, and see him standing there with a warm smile on his face. "Hi," he says as he walks into the room with such ease that I almost feel a smidge of envy. "Hi," I shyly respond. He seems to be relaxed and for whatever reason, I want to flee this room. He looks over at me and stares at me dead in my eyes. I chuckle nervously and ask, "What?" He is now making his way towards me and I am frozen in place. "Nothing, Lucia. I'm just able to finally admire how incredibly sexy you are." I gulp, hard. "Me? Sexy? Oh, no. I'd have to disagree with you on that." He laughs and continues to stare at me. "Well, we will have to agree to disagree then, won't we?," he replies while tucking a strand of hair behind my right ear. "How was your day, by the way?" He turns away from me and walks over to the bed, I let out the air that I've been holding in. "It was good, but, I could only think about one thing from the moment that I woke up this morning." Nervously, I ask, "Oh yeah? What was that one thing?" Our eyes lock and he states, "You." He gestures for me to join him on the bed that he is now sitting on. I cautiously walk towards him and take my place beside him. "Lucia, are you all right?" "Um, yeah. Yes. Yes, I'm all right. Why do you ask?" "You seem like you're afraid of me or something. I don't bite. Unless you want me to, of course," he teases. I giggle. "I'm not afraid of you, Dean. I'm super nervous, in case you haven't already noticed." "Why are you nervous? Is it because you're in a motel room with an old pervert?" I laugh, loud. I look at him to see a big grin on his face. "Since you put it that way..," I trail off. Now he's laughing and I join him. I'm still amused by his joke that I don't realize that he's no longer laughing, but looking at me with a hungry gaze in his eyes. "Kiss me, Lucia," he abruptly tells me. Almost instantly, I do as I have been told, and I lean in to press my lips against his. The moment our lips touch, I feel this dark, deep desire pooling down in my belly. We're kissing, making out, our tongues in sync with one anothers, and my nervousness has transformed into a craving for this man. I want him inside of me. I need him to be inside of me. We stop kissing and he is proceeding to take off his shirt. I follow suit and as I go to unhook my bra, he stops me. I throw him a puzzled glance. "May I?," he asks. I nod my head yes. "Turn around, please." I turn, he unhooks my bra, I pull it away from my chest, and he reaches from behind to rub both of my breasts with his hands. A soft moan escapes my mouth and I can hear his breathing becoming heavy. "I want you, Lucia." I turn back to face him and tell him, "Then take me." Within moments, we're naked, and he has me on my back. He's on top of me and we're making out again, he's a great kisser. I wrap my arms around his neck and my legs seem to do the same by wrapping around his body. I feel his erection pushed up against me, he groans, and pulls his lips away from mine. "Not yet," he whispers. He lowers his head to my chest, starts to suck on both of my nipples, one at a time, and then licks all over each of my breasts. At this point, I'm panting, I want to feel his hard on inside of my vagina, and I want to lose myself in this moment with him. He seems to sense what I am thinking because in one swift motion, he slides on a condom and then his dick is in me and I gasp with pure pleasure. "You're practically soaking, Lucia." I can barely breathe, much less form a coherent sentence. He doesn't wait for me to respond. He straightens up, pulls up my legs so that they're on each side of him, and then he begins to pound his penis into me. Each thrust, stronger and harder than the last, I think that I might pass out. My moans are filling the room as he is filling the inside of my pussy. "You are so fucking sexy," he says. "No, Dean. You're the sexy one," I manage to choke out. His lips have taken my mouth captive and I am under his spell. He releases his hold and gets off from being on top of me. He lays down next to me and as if it's an instinct that I possess, I position myself on top of him. "Is this what you wanted, Lucia?" It's as though I cannot speak once again so I simply nod my head up and down. I guide his dick back inside of my pussy and this time he is the one who is gasping with pure pleasure. "You feel so good," he growls. I increase my pace at the sound of him enjoying me. "Fuck..," he trails off. I sit up, bounce up and down on his cock, his hands find their way to my hips. Now, both of our moans are filling the room and I wonder what's going to happen when the ride is over. He pulls me down to him, our lips find the others, he's rubbing my breasts with his hands, and I am on the brink of explosion. Before I can blink, I explode, my juices dripping down his dick, and down to his balls. I gaze down at him to see that he is smiling from ear to ear. "My turn," he warns. I climb off of him, lay on my back, and I tell him that he can cum on my chest. "Are you sure?" "Yes, I'm sure." He gets back on top of me, takes off the condom, and starts to jack off. "Are you ready, Lucia?" "Cum," I urge. He continues to masturbate as his jizz is dripping onto my chest, making sure that every drop spills on my breasts. When he finishes, he takes a deep breath and falls down on the bed right beside me, looking just as exhausted as I feel. "Oh, shit!," he exclaims as he jumps up. "What happened?" He rushes to the bathroom and comes back with a towel. "I'm not going to leave you laying there with my jizz all over your tits. Your really nice and soft tits, I might add if I may." I chuckle and thank him as he hands me the towel. I wipe off my chest and he's watching me, intently. It feels like we're having an unannounced staring contest when he finally utters, "You intrigue me, Lucia." I feel my sweaty face turn crimson from the blush that creeps up on my cheeks. "How?" "At work, you're very quiet and keep to yourself. You come off as a really reserved person. I see that pretty smile here and there, but I knew that there's more to you than meets the eye. When you started talking to me that day during lunch, I was able to see you up close, and you're gorgeous. There is something about you that lured me in, even though that isn't your intention." I'm kind of speechless right now, and I don't know if I'm supposed to respond to this new information. He goes on, "I honestly didn't think that you'd agree to meeting me here this evening, but I'm glad that you did. Thank you, Lucia. I appreciate your time." "Why did you think that I wouldn't meet up with you? We've been talking about it for a couple of weeks now. I wasn't going to stand you up or anything like that. I'm not that type of person, Dean." "I know that, but I figured that you'd change your mind because you'd take a good and long look at me to realize that I'm an old guy who didn't expect this young, alluring, and hot girl to find me remotely attractive." "Insecure, much?" He chuckles and kisses me on my left cheek. "You have no idea." I smile sweetly at him and return the kiss. "Unfortunately, I wish that I could stay to lay with you all night, but I gotta get going. I'm on the run." "Okay," I reply, not hearing the sadness of my tone. "Lucia?" I look up at him and he has this expression on his face that tells me that this isn't the last time that we're going to be alone like this together. "Yeah?" "If you'd like, when both you and I can find the time, I'd want to see you again." I swear, this dude is a mind reader. "Yeah, totally. I'd like that." "Great, because I enjoyed you immensely." "Likewise, old man," I say as I wink at him. We both laugh and begin to get dressed. After we're dressed, we leave the room, he goes to return the key for me, and I wait for him by my car. He comes towards me and I can feel that feeling pooling down in my belly once more. He kisses me and of course, a kiss goodbye turns into a mini make out session in the parking lot of Motel 6. "Until next time. I'll see you tomorrow at work, sexy." "See you tomorrow, handsome." I get into my vehicle and I purposely wait for him to drive away first. I stare at the motel, smile a devilish smile to myself, and touch my lips with the tips of my fingers. "Until next time..," I whisper to no one, and drive out of the parking lot, away but not far from my next devious encounter.

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