Drinking With Shadow Girl and Her Friend

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Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 30, 2017



Drinking With Shadow Girl and Her Friend

It was great having Shadow Girl around!  After all she poisoned my beer but we got over that and decided to have a drink.  She sat on the floor there after coming out from behind the door shadow and we sat on the floor with the bottle.

It would be Vodka for me and Shadow Girl and I was sure that with her I would most certainly be the winner.  Her sexy slender shadow body graced the floor and I sat cross legged and drank.  She had such a ghastly voice but I was so used to it now that I thought that she was so sexy.  She was matching me drink for drink when I asked her.

“Shadow Girl … my sweetest most Beautiful Princess Shadow Girl, do you ever get lonely?”

“I used to get lonely … it can be very lonely being a shadow.  But then one day I found my Mother.”  She said.

“You have a Mother Shadow Girl, please tell me about her!”  I said.

“Well I used to be so lonely but when I was done with my work being a shadow one day … I found Mother.”

“Can you tell me about her?”  I said.

“Yes, in fact here she is.”  Said Shadow Girl.

When out of the shadow of the door a little dusty poof appeared and there she was Mother.  She flew in with the most clever of grace, Mother, the moth.  She was one of the most lil’ brilliantly colored brown and pink lil’ silken moth.  Her pink was a muted color and she immediately gathered a web up in the corner of the room and quickly presented herself and her pink and brown wings covering her breast dullish brown breast.

“Yes I used to be very lonely but then I found Mother and she always kept me company.  Forgive her she doesn’t drink.”  Said Shadow Girl in her hideously deep voice with an obvious intonation.

“Wow Shadow Girl that is quite the friend that you have there.  She is beautiful in such a subtle way.”  I said while enticing my shadowy friend in her red rouge to drink.

“Yes everything was fine until we decided to fly together?”  Said the assuredly most beautiful Shadow figure that you have ever seen.

“Well she seems to fly very clever to me, what is wrong with her flying.”  Ryan asked.

“Oh no, she fly’s just fine, it’s that we took a plane trip yes, she is very afraid of that.”

Mother cringed in her little web and stirred undecidedly.

“Don’t worry Mother we aren’t going anywhere today.”  Said Shadow Girl and with that she took an easy appearance to the web nest that she had gathered and was settled beautifully until she later undecidedly took a lil’ clever fly back into the shadow of the door and disappeared.

I loved Shadow Girl so much she was there sitting cross legged on the floor with me taking shot after shot unbelievable she was … until I just couldn’t stand it anymore and went to bed right there.  Shadow Girl got up the Vodka puddle beneath her on the carpet now exposed and she went to her book.  Stood there and took some notes.  I guess she is done reading?

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