The Foundation of Source

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Redefining the way of the spirit while understanding god dominant religion.

Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 30, 2017



When was the goddess done away with? She was alive and well in ancient times.

There was a space of human understanding of contemplating the universe and our place within it.

And she was there, looking up at the stars with the same eyes of intelligent wonderment,

just as he was given. Balance was a part of it then, when the circles above in the heavens

taught us that the light and the dark were together so we could see.

The feminine is represented as the dark, the masculine as the light.

Without the surrounding darkness, the stars would disappear.

The dark is the Goddess, which is necessary for the God to be known.

The God who are all men who create in their actions to become that God.

Women allowed to create become Goddess, the femine aspect of Source among humanity.

The yin-yang is one symbol of the energy of both combined in the circle of creation,

not one above the other.

The god dominant religons are not of true God or Goddess, they don't embrace that balance.

The masculine religions have lost the strength, the sustaining strenght of the feminine aspect

of Source. Islam, Judaism and Christianity are the worst of these god based systems.

Men of the past took all things of the spirit and kept them for themselves,

creating books of dictate, destructive books where the Goddess is not found.

The women mentioned in them are nothing but dutiful servants, there to agree.

The loss of the Goddess, she with differing thought, vision and opinion has been diastrous

for the human spirit and the Earth.

Seeking to form a redefinition, starting from the ground of Source,

there is a new foundation, beginning in lasting truth.

The Source is a creative, intelligent energy which humanity is a part of,

known through the soul. It is the purest part of a human being, but without identity.

The soul is energy, part of continuance that cannot be destroyed, but only transfered. 

Starting with that truth, we have the first principle pertaining to human existence.

The souls energy is the same within every human being, the understanding is equality.

Leading to the conclusion that all women are sisters and all men are brothers.

Humanity is family. UNITY being the first principle in the foundation of Source.

Utlized correctly, we become fully creative beings, taking our proper place in creation

as spiritual adults.

God religion is of spiritual children, where that unity is destroyed.

Consider Catholic and Protestant, only one example of the willed division

rampant within the god based system. When division is willed, there is pride and the god

is always dominant, going against the way of creation which is unity.

When the dual aspect of Source is embraced the true nature is understood. That of creation.

'And she was also given vision, through the Source of the soul.

But by way of the god dominant, she was made silent by force and ignored.

When she could stand gazing up at the stars, equal in wondering thought with him,

things were far better then.'






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