The boy next door

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this story will be about falling in love with the wrong person at the wrong time

Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 30, 2017



The worst feeling is when you are missing the person who's right in front of you it all started two years ago when i met the boy next door two years ago i met a boy he had just moved in next door and i was so atrracted to him it  was like i was in a movie with the hot guy that just moved in anyways i finally worked up enough courage to go and talk to him so i walk over to him and i say hi and introduced myself to him and of course he introduced himself and after that we had a good talk after the talk i walk to a friends house who lived two doors down as i was walking over i was proud of myself for getting enough courage to go talk to him then i arrive to my friends house and she comes outside and i tell her hey i met this really cool guy he just moved in next door and she goes over and introduces herself and from there we all become close really fast 6 months pass and me and the boy next door are bestfriends he's super funny and gives me this feeling like i could never be more happy around him i always blushed when he came around he was my love story come true a few more months pass by and he told me that he loved me and i was thinking it probably didn't mean anything   but i couldn't help but smile i coudn't believe the boy next door told me that he loved me i told him that i loved him back and then  a year passes by and my mom told me that we were moving and the all of a sudden my perfect love story was coming to an end i could not believe it i didn't know what to do because i really cared for the boy next door i didn't want to leave the next couple of days all i could think about was him and how i wasnt ready to say goodbye but i finally told him that i was moving he seemed sad and i was relieved because it showed he cared then the night before i left he kept coming out i didn't know if it was to see me but i hoped that was the reason and when the night ended i hugged him and said goodye and we left that morinng i texted him a few months after i moved he seemed well but i could tell he changed i even visted and it was true he wasn't the same he wasn't the boy next door anymore he wasn't the same boy i said goodbye to that night i felt bad but i new i had to move on but then i found out that he was coming to my new school a part of me was glad but a part of me knows when i see him it just won't be the same anymore and that's how you start missing someone that is right infront of you but after all this i just hope that he meant it when he said he loved me 

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