Disputationem ad Petram

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On May 19, I was in middle of an argument between some person and a Flat-Earther, and I was just thinking of how both of these people would never convince each other, and compared the event to two rocks talking to each other.

So this short narrative came into being.

Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 30, 2017



It all begins in the grasses, that which is named Petria. It is a land where the grass is plentiful, with some dirt-land for one to see what lies beneath the grass. In one of those patches of dirt, grounded in them are two rocks. Two of them are knit together, and their names are Acyra. She was  faced with another rock, whose name is Sora. Nobody but the fly of observation can tell that these rocks are arguing.

Acyra, despite being a rock, can move. She is no regular rock, like the ones you and I see, but one that can move as if alive, sliding across the dirt and rolling around if necessary. She lived her life since she was chipped off in some canyon in that she can move. However, she faces Sora, who is not like her.

Sora does not move, or at least, that is what she says. She lived her whole life in that patch of dirt, and never once moved. She saw rocks before move, yet states that the rocks who move are living in a lie, an illusion, and to Sora, she is seeing figments of her imagination. To her, Acyra is not real, but a fabrication of the mind.

Acyra is a rock of reason, but also a rock who lives by castigat ridendo mores. To her, Sora is delusional, and despite using reason, she isn't very good at telling it to her nicely, for when Sora says something that is too out of bounds to Acyra, Acyra laughs, as if it was the dumbest thing in the world. To Acyra, Sora's statements that her life is an illusion and that she has been duped don't make sense.

To Sora, she is asking herself on what galaxy Acyra is living on, for everything she says makes no sense. How could Acyra possibly believe she is actually moving? O, what a poor soul who lives in ignorance, she thinks. Still, Sora isn't that nice either, for she pities what she thinks is the fool and says that she is the one speaking the truth. Not humble, but placing a crown upon herself and calling herself the lord of reason. 

Both of these rocks are arguing over their worldviews, and which one is right. Yet, is the debate worth their time? Their skulls are as thick as themselves, for mere words can't penetrate the hard rock of their souls. Will Sora ever see that she is told a lie? Will Acyra ever realize she is not real? Will they both realize that no matter how many words and cards are thrown and shown at each other, they will still be unfazed by their visions of a reality?

Our eyes are the windows to our brains, and not all brains are the same. We are all different people, with different views of the world, and those views we hold to be fact. But what is fact if every brain thinks differently, and said brains know what they know is fact? The fact is separate to the brain, and all brains are trying to grasp what it really is: Where is the objective fact, or in some cases, whether there is one at all. For two rocks, whose skulls are as thick as rock, and whose core beliefs are as solid as rock, will they ever be convinced?

O, what am I thinking? After all, all I am seeing are two rocks, for my eyes...see the world as the brain sees it. My eyes....see the world as the brain sees it. 

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