The Monster In the Mirror

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
A look into the sick mind of a monster

Submitted: June 30, 2017

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Submitted: June 30, 2017



The kitchen floor was cold on his bare feet. He turned all five knobs to High and opened the the oven door. Backing up a bit, his feet sticking a little to the old cheap linoleum, Herb could hear the soft hiss. He smiled.

Rebecca sat against the black plastic bumper of her cruiser holding her face in a towel that Larry (his name tag said Larry) had given her after retching into the storm drain. No amount of years on the force or training could prepare her for what she had found in that house. Rebecca retched again.

Larry closed the doors of his ambulance on two small lumps in two large body bags. He walked up the side of his van wiping at the moisture around his eyes and blowing his nose as the sun set over Cook County again while a monster was at large.

The monster gazed on the pathetic creature before him and Herb gazed back. He stood in the middle of an empty room with no other furniture but a bare bulb light hanging from it’s frazzled black cord and the mirror his mother had given him for his eleventh birthday. This was, in fact, his deceased mother’s room. His normally sick white pallor was covered over in coagulating child’s blood. Herb stood there naked, trembling, excited. His pleasure was obvious in the mirror. So much so, in fact, that he hurt himself earlier trying to climax while the red gore covering him was still wet. The monster spoke.

“You are pathetic.” Pogo said and chuckled. “Look at yourself. You’re barely a man.” he continued in his dead mother's voice and then pointed down at Herbs bloody and sore member. “Did you at least do what I told you?” the monster asked.

“I did! I….did everything you said, Pogo.” Herb said, and shivered with revulsion and pleasure at the memory.

“You fucked it up, didn’t you? Ya little worm. Did you take a trophy, Herbie? Your daddy should have jerked off the night he made you instead!” Pogo yelled and then laughed as Herb went back to abusing himself roughly.

“I...I can’t….help it….I can’t help being this... way…” Herb stammered.

Rebecca was in her lover’s arms quietly sobbing herself to sleep when she felt it.

Larry was having a smoke on the hospital roof when he saw it.

Failing to climax for the last time, Herb looked away from the monster and into the dark hall outside the room.

“You worthless piece of worm shit. You can’t even wank off!” Pogo laughed out. “I know what little Herbie needs. Ha Ha Ha!”

“N. N. No!” Herb stuttered out “Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Shut up! Herb screamed at the mirror and then ran out the door.

Pogo laughed and laughed. His evil sounds filled the old craftsman house and drilled into Herbs brain.

“Come back, Young Prince. You left your cock on the floor! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!” Pogo continued to taunt Herb.

After a while Herb spoke from the darkness of the hall.

“Pogo? I got something for you.”

“I knew it!” Pogo yelled “Bring your skinny dickless self in here and GIVE IT TO ME!”

Herb walked slowly into the room carrying his mother’s best silver serving platter high above his head, hitting the bare bulb with his grotesque offerings and making the bulb swing, shifting sides of the room from light to shadow and back. Draped over the tray was a large white linen napkin covering his surprise. Herb then sat the tray on the floor in front of the gilded mirror.

“What is it? What is it? What is it? What is it, you fucking scab?” Pogo screamed at him in his mother's voice.

Herb looked away from his antagonist in defiance.

“I want it!” the monster wailed and then giggled. “Give me my surprise, Herbie!" Pogo said, clapping it's hands together excitedly. "Pretty please?

You pathetic excuse for a man! Now! Now! I’ll fuck your dog in hell if you don’t give it to me NOW, Herbie!” Pogo the Clown thundered at him as the light continued shift from side to side in the empty room.

Herb reached down and swiftly pulled the cover off the platter dramatically.

The monster was quiet for a moment and then started to squeal with glee.

“You cockless wonder shit! What did you do? Ha Ha Ha!” Pogo said.

Herb then bent down again and pulled something from underneath the monster’s gory surprise. Pogo never took his eyes off the platter though.

“Herbie, you forgotten fuck stain! What could you do to top this? Ha Ha Ha Ha!” the monster laughed.

Herb stood up again and held a flare in front of his bloody crotch replacing his missing penis. The monster looked stupidly down at the red stick for a moment before realization came over it’s face. Herb popped the cap off the end and struck the flare hard with it. Climax!

In that last instant Herbert John Gracy saw his eleven year old self and his abusive mother standing behind him in the mirror.

“I love you, Mom.” were his last words.


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