Fallen Soldier

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I am aware this poem is not my greatest, but neither was is supposed to be. I wrote this years ago - so long, in fact, I can't remember it, but I stumbled across it today and thought the message was still something I believe in, so here it is. It does flow awkwardly in places, so my apologies for that, but I hope you enjoy.

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Submitted: July 01, 2017



Now you lie in a never-ending sleep

Lost in a freedom that you fought to keep

By rules and regulations, you are held down no more

But the people admire you, from the nation you were fighting for.


Your courage in the face of the enemy, was something to be admired

And many younger men, by your actions are inspired.

You did what you had to do, for country and queen

I cannot begin to understand the true horror of that you have seen


But you stood for your country, for those that cannot defend themselves,

And you stood to save your comrades, to protect them as well.

That which you have seen, and that which you have done,

Cannot begin to be explained, and many men would run.


Well they have claimed you now, dear soldier, and we must let go

But the saddest part besides your loss, is the truth we won’t know

You won’t be on the news, and only those close will cry

Those oblivious, naïve, will care not for your life.


Sadly, this is the ‘people’ that you gave your life to defend

Who accept you as one more loss, one more dead end.

The nation is thankful for your service, though unaware you served,

And neither in life, nor in death, did you receive that which you deserved.


Your service was vital, and crucial to our freedom

But you have paid the highest price for that, and now you are gone

We have lost yet another brave man to a coward unknown

And you have left behind all that you love, and lost all that you own.


I, dear soldier, am so sorry for your death,

I cannot begin to understand, the fear upon your breath,

But you never let this affect your loyalty to your cause, and the integrity of your purpose

And you laid down your life selflessly, with undying loyalty to us.


Now you are set free, though not in life

And I am sorry you left us, your kids and your wife

But your family, and friends will not forget their great friend

And how strong you were in battle, and loyal to the end.


© Copyright 2019 Hellraiser. All rights reserved.

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