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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Non-Fiction  |  House: 'The Odd Ones'
A short story about bullying :)

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Submitted: July 01, 2017



"You stupid goat!" 

Her words pierced trough Vy's heart like a sharp, giant needle. 
The whole crowd laughed as she fell on the ground, bolognese sauce running down her face mixed with the salty tears.
She bit her trembling lips as pieces of spaghetti falls off of her hair.

"Anything else to say?"
The perfect, beautiful girl said as she stared down at her opposite. Fat, unpopular, Vy...
"Feeling like jumping off a cliff now, fattie?" 

Kelsey was someone she looked up to. She was beautiful, charming, rich
Vy wanted to be her so bad; until she questioned herself..why? 

Why would she want to be someone mean. So beautiful yet so rotten in the inside. Someone who brings other people down.

A bully.
Why would she want to be a bully? 
Why wouldn't she want to be Vy instead? 

Maybe she's not society's standard of 'beautiful', but she definitely is.
Inside and out.
Maybe she's not rich and maybe she's not charming.

She might not be Kelsey, but she's Vy.

She's the girl who smiles at homeless people and gives them all her lunch money.
She's the girl who helps the other kids out when they're not doing well in school.
She's the girl the teachers trust because she's honest.

And she is going to be the girl who speaks up.

"You're right"
She muttered shakily at first before she stood up. She shook off all the remaining food on her head and dared herself to look at Kelsey in the eye.

"You're right", she stated louder this time.
"I am a goat" 

The whole crowd murmured curiously and confusedly. Kelsey's laughter roared throughout the cafeteria.
"So you're admitting it?"

"I am" 
Vy said, confidence starting to grow inside her.
"Goats don't jump off cliffs, Kelsey...they climb over them" 

And with those words...she left the cafeteria, leaving the whole crowd quiet.

"Oh and by the way. Your words won't push me off the cliff, Kelsey. They motivate me to climb higher" 

Peace, thank you so much for the phrase.
"Goats don't jump off cliffs; they climb over them" 

It might sound silly, but it really did make me feel better...especially at a time where i wanted to "jump off a cliff" so bad.

If you ever feel lonely or bad, know that there are people who loves you! 
And hey, if you want, you can definitely talk to me :) 
Stay safe everyone! 


x jetblackheart

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