save me

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its been over 10 plus years. didnt know it then. but you coulda saved me. we could be happy now if we kept at it.

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Submitted: July 01, 2017



started off as a game.

started off cause i fucked it up with your best friend

started off young


now ill never forget your name

now your face ill see in my thoughts till my end 

now i seem to be sprung 


now its not me in the pitcure frame

now alone the rules i gotta bend

now nothing seems fun 


past memories remain 

past likes now offend

past thoughts make me wanna run .


didnt know what i had then 

thought we always atleast be friends

but alone i fear ill stand in the end

i never ment to hurt or offend

but i wasnt the only one


we both shoulda 

nah i shoulda done more 

now i sit here and my heart is blackend and sore 

i dont know how much more i can take it

i cant seem to remember who really broke it.

but wish i fixed it .

wish i didnt give up.

cuz now im fucked up.

messed up in tis world.

its dark and cold.


used to love the beach and warm weather

now im ghost in the day time

locked away with the a.c on 

waiting for the spark to jump start whats left of my heart 

feeling like a vampire. 

stuck to roam without the one i love 

stuck to endore false hope

every touch feeling cold and dead

voices runing wild through my head


stuck thinking if we stayed real 

who id be today

would i be this shell of a man

afraid to truey stand 

would i even be me?

or is this even who i am?

is this who i was really ment to be.?

could you have truly saved me ??

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