The Island

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The group runs into the stampede. Then escape it but run into more danger.

Chapter 88 (v.1) - The Island Section 5

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Submitted: July 01, 2017



Run...hurry; said Bill. Stampede runs into group. Giant scorpion screeches. Eric fires gun. Group sees Eric. Eric; said Jesse. Eric looks then sees group. Run into the trees; said Eric. All go into trees then hide. Giant scorpion chases stampede. Group comes out. It's nice to finally see you again; said Cameron. Same to you all. Where's Tim; asked Eric. We haven't seen him; said Jesse. Well, he's probably at that building. I found others that'll help; said Eric.

Well let's move; said Bill. All walking. Eric hears claws snapping. Down. Crab walking. Let's move, quickly. All walking. Allisyn trips. Crab looks. Allisyn; said Eric. Gun clicks. Bill sees Cameron's gun. Crab gets closer. Cameron, your gun; said Bill. Cameron throws gun. Gun cocks. Crab raises claw. Gun fires. Crab explodes. Gees; said Cameron. You all tight, Allisyn; asked Bill. Pieces of crab on Allisyn.

I feel like an appetizer; said Allisyn. Eric loads gun. Let's keep going; said Eric. Gun cocks. Jeff appears. I don't think so; said Jeff.

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