Sexe Adulte

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Why does a single night of romanticized embrace always come back to haunt us?

The self loathing was strong in me that evening. My now ex-lover of five years decided to pack up her things and leave, and I managed to lose quite a bit of money through a childish wager. I just couldn't handle life at that particular point in time, so I went home. Movies are the only creative outlet that emphasizes walking in the rain, and by that I mean, making it seem like walking in the rain is a form of therapy, strangely enough it was for me. The showers some how encapsulated my entire mindset, my shoes were submerged in three inches of dirty brown rain water and my new Armani suit looked like a paper that had been blasted by a pressure washer. Throughout the duration of my hike I did nothing but evaluate my entire life, I had no other choice, because I knew that once I made it home I would be nursing a bottle of hard liquor until I had fallen into a booze induced fever dream. Finally after twenty minutes of walking I made it home. I stripped off my smoke gray suit and tossed it on the floor and quickly made my way to the bathroom for a well deserved hot shower. On my way there I noticed the bright red light signaling me from my answering machine, I didn't think much of it, I just wanted a shower and a drink. I made the water as hot as I could bare, closed the bathroom door and just let the water run all over my body. Ten minutes later I emerged, my hunger not even slightly sated. I walked to my bar, grabbed a bottle of very expensive whiskey, removed the lid and began drinking until it felt like I had a piece of hot coal in my chest. I noticed how the light on my answering machine was still blinking, I figured what harm could it do to just check my messages or should I say message. To my dismay it was an old friend of mine, her name was Sara. She too had a hand in breaking my heart, I couldn't imagine why after all this time why she would decide to call, especially since I was the only casualty. She talked about how she was in town, how she wanted to see me, and she went on to say that she needed to see me. By the time the message had finished I was feeling the effects of my heavy drinking. I was to lazy to get dressed again, so I just tightened my bath towel, fell unto my suede couch and drank some more. The room started spining like a gravatron at the state fair, at some point I passed out. I woke up to the sound of someone knocking at my door, I looked at the clock, it was 2:00 a.m. I sloppily walked to the door turned on the porch light and I swear a ghost had stolen my voice because I certainly was speechless, it was Sara. I couldn't believe my eyes, That crimson red hair, her curvaceous body and here emerald green eyes. The entire ten seconds we stood at my door I was sober, Sara was here. After the initial shock value had wore off, my senses came back home. The only thing I could think to say was "what are you doing here, Sara"? I'm not really sure if it was what I said or how I said it, but she dropped to her knees and started crying. The way the tears rolled down her peach toned cheeks made it seem like she had been waiting to cry those tears, some how I knew that those tears were for me. I picked her up, closed the door behind me, and carried her into my living area. I sat her on my couch, then I went to go get her a tissue and a glass of water. Sara looked exhausted, I wanted to look away but I couldn't it had been six years since I saw her, and deep down I knew this was right. I wiped her face, and gave her the glass of water, I saw her fingerprints in the condensation of the glass, I wanted her more than I knew. She took a small sip of water, just enough to clear her throat, she sat the glass down onto my marble table, placed her right hand on my left thigh and stared endlessly into my eyes. I was hypnotized, I couldn't really tell if it was because that all I had on was a towel or she hadn't spoken a word, but everything in me was screaming take her. My heart started to race, every muscle in my body became solid as a rock. She moved closer to me and began sensually kissing the right side of my neck, I started to sweat heavily, all I could think about was how bad I wanted to make love to her. But I had to resist, I couldn't risk falling in love with her all over again. She continued her sexual assault, she moved from my neck to the middle of my chest and kept slowly kissing me as she descended. She looked at me like a predator to it's prey, I was frozen in fear, but I knew that I couldn't resist in anymore. Locked in that mesmerizing stare I grew, inch by inch I felt stronger, it was almost like a sandbag was attached to my lower region. I had absolutely no intention on hiding the large rise under my towel. Sara took notice of the result of her kisses, she pulled back the towel, firmly grabbed my dick my and said " I want you to fuck me until I'm lifeless". And like magic she made all eight inches vanish. She wrapped her lips around my girth and began doing the deed. Her mouth slid up and down, with each oral rise she salivated more and more. My dick became harder with each suck and stroke, my veins became more prominent with each passing second, the idle spit dripped off of my sack onto the carpet. And without warning she stopped. She wiped her mouth clean, stood up and walked over to the parlor window and pulled the curtains open. The red dress she was wearing glistened and complimented the moonlight. She started from her breast and began taking off the dress. I stood strong on the outside, but on the inside I cried, I hadn't seen something so poetic, so beautiful, just so real. The dress was now at her feet, she had all the confidence and grace that any goddess had. She turned around and looked over at me, she slowly walked back to the couch, she hovered over my swollen dick, the warm vaginal juices were dripping from her pursed lips onto my leg and groin, I became that much more aroused. Sara sat down on my  lap, wrapped her arms around my neck and began kissing me. There was no penetration yet, my bulging dick was sandwiched between our stomachs, from there the passion grew. With each stroke and switch of our tongues Sara, dripped more and more, her warm pussy juice ran down my butt, thighs onto the couch, it was like our tongues were in a heated battle. I lost control and picked Sara up in primal sexual rage and placed her on top of my dick. Both of us moaned harmoniously in unison, she felt all eight inches drive directly into her stomach. She bounced and gyrated, it was like watching a ballet dancer, the choreography was breathtaking. I rose up off of the couch still embracing one another, and slowly descended to floor onto the snow tiger stripped carpet. Missionary was heaven for Sara and I. I stroked slowly and passionately, rough but sensual. Sweat dripped from my muscle ridden body, Sara continued singing sweet gibberish into my ears. She dug her finely manicured nails into back, it felt like someone was driving knives into back. I noticed little droplets of blood dripping off of me, that only inspired me to go deeper. A few drops landed on Sara's breast, I couldn't let this stifle my momentum, I rested inside of her velvety Pandora's box, grabbed her supple breast and sucked them until they became hard as rock candy and as pink as chewing gum. That turned me into a ravenous beast, I grabbed Sara flipped her over onto her stomach and entered her throbbing wet pussy with full intent on making this our moment. As I thrusted in and out, I felt the veins in my dick pulsate and grow, Sara's pussy became wetter and it tightened, and my dick grew a whole inch longer. My dick started to ache, I knew my time of explosion was approaching, so I just thrusted harder and faster, I firmly gripped her posterior and continued to give her my all. Sara screamed " I love you so much!"  She was clawing and pulling at my carpet. Sara's pussy juices began to leak and squirt out of her, so much so it landed on my stomach and dripped from my sack. The moment of climax was on the horizon, Sara shouted "I love you so much, Mavrik!" Every muscle in my body tightened, it was like I had been suffering from a full body cramp, Sara's pussy started to feel like a heated vice grip. Sara and I exploded everywhere, I fell backwards and laid there, while Sara had fallen over on her side and twitched like a animal after being hit by car, while she let out a harmless giggle. I had no energy left, I hoped that all of my efforts wouldn't be without their merits. Sara crawled over to me and laid on chest, I started stroking her crimson red hair as she rubbed my stomach. I heard Sara sniff, something told me that she was starting to cry, but I dared not ask why. She whispered " I love you,Mavrik." I was at peace with everything, everything felt so right. All I could say was" I love you too, Sara. And we fell asleep right there on my carpet. I woke up the next morning Sara had vanished again, without a trace she was gone, and my heart had gone with her. I wasn't upset, how could I be? She did this before, a simple " I love you " wasn't going to change that. I looked over and saw that the light on answering machine was blinking, it was only 6:30 a.m. who could possibly call me this early? It was Sara, she called. Her message was short but clear, all she said was " I can't wait for the next thunderstorm."

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Very good thanks for posting it.


Mon, July 3rd, 2017 1:09am

Amy F. Turner

Well, V, that was certainly not expected yet very titillating! Your descriptions as always do well to paint the scene of a haunting romance. It amazes me how some people do float in and out of your life like ghosts and yet even as you may realize they are no good for you, the resistance seems futile. They enact some magic switch and you are caught up all over again. Loved this!

Mon, July 10th, 2017 8:56am


I wasn't sure if this one was going to scare you off or not. It's the first time I've written something like this.

Mon, July 10th, 2017 6:43am


This is fiery hot & well written, but too much for this site! It would be very well received on Booksiesilk!

Tue, July 11th, 2017 12:46am


This is fiery hot & well written, but too much for this site! It would be very well received on Booksiesilk!

Tue, July 11th, 2017 12:46am


Umm...nice read handsome. I really enjoyed it,very much so.

Love and Hugs,

Wed, March 7th, 2018 5:51pm


Thank you!!

Thu, March 22nd, 2018 4:02pm

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