Chronicled Rebirth, Nightmarish Foresight

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Chronicled Rebirth; Nightmarish Vision is a fantasy book, that incorporates many traditional mythology elements into it, yet provides a new and unique take on many of the major myths that have been re-Vamped (Pun intended, you'll see what I mean if I've caught your interest), many times over again; but do it in a unique style and story that will absolutely pull you in for a wonderfully Action-Packed thrilling story of an exiled, amnesiac, extra-dimensional King looking to reclaim his past and everything else he sets his sights on.

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Submitted: July 01, 2017

This is just the prologue, I have all the way up to chapter 7 written so far, but I do all my own editing and proof-reading so new content that I deem worthy may be a bit to get to you. I hope anyone that is interested in this will tell me how it is and I hope you enjoy.
My name is pronounced: Grim-Ray Um-Bruh.
I thought it was unique, and allot of the names in my book are like that, anyways enjoy.
The Characters names in this portion of the story are pronounced:
Ceil= Shale, Faerah= Fay-Ruh Read Chapter