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Recently I've felt different.
As if i was different,
but I quickly realized I am just lonely.
Very lonely indeed, so much so that I changed
I began to doubt myself more and more, I started to talk more with myself
and less with others, I wonder more and more if others even listen or even like me.

They don't...
Or I wouldn't be so lonely, right?

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Submitted: July 01, 2017





It is just a feeling

Yet it is so devastating


It is just a thought

But I see the pain it brought


I don't want to be alone in a gray world under dark clouds

I don't want to be alone and suffocate in strange crowds


Its just a moment

All came to be by a silent comment


Its just a day

But darkness is in my way


I feel lonely in a world with billions of humans

I feel lonely in a world where I see myself as a nuisance


Its just a decision

Drive away the light, lose all vision


Its just a word

Yet you can't imagine how much it hurt


I'm alone, I can't see a reason to keep on living, crying in the darkness

I'm alone, This world is unforgiving, this world is heartless


Its just me crying

Every second feels like dying


Its just me all alone

lifeless feeling, heavy like stone


Loneliness has made its way into my thoughts, soul and heart

It hurts so bad, it won't go away, loneliness is what took my life apart


Its just darkness

Its just emptiness

Its just helplessness

Its just loneliness


The darkness has grown

I'm all alone

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