once upon a happily ever after

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic
This story about a wizard who has to go through a jungle to turn back into himself after being turned into a monkey by his arch nemesis named danny along the way he meets his new bestfriends

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starting day

Submitted: July 01, 2017

Once upon a time there was a wizard named xander and he had a arch nemesis named dtanny and one day danny snuck into xanders house  ... Read Chapter

getting there

Submitted: July 01, 2017

Another day goes by and xander jack and seff have been searching for the potion for hours and they still had no clue how they were going ... Read Chapter

oh no dragon

Submitted: July 01, 2017

With only four days left to find the potion everyone was terrified jack barley has hope that they will get there on time to save him but ... Read Chapter

facing fears

Submitted: July 01, 2017

The moment everyone has been waiting for the fight that will save jack and turn xander back to himself they begin to fight and the dragon... Read Chapter