Puppies Rob a Bank

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Three puppies Riko, Toto, and Bones decide to rob a bank. They are out of food, and they really want more bacon. They have never stole before, but they have done other bad things. This would be their first crime, and these pupsters were ready for more dog food. Riko is the leader, Toto the middle dog, and Bones the big dude. The dogs knew together they had knowledge, numbers, and strength. Their objective was to get in their at night, sneak in the restroom after the janitor leaves, and then use the code on the lock to break open the safe. They have bags with them, to cary in their mouths.

Tonight they made sure they had plenty of rest and plently of human food. Riko was the first dog to wake up, he then woke Toto and Bones. The day was nice and was perfect for dog snatching. These puppies wern't scared, it was like they were given puppy nip.

The found the perfect bank at the side of a street corner, it was easy to check for traffic, people, and other walking puppies. They sat and waited tell nighttime. They knew their owners were asleep by then. As nighttime came they snuck in threw the front door, and hid depending on where the janitor and the owner was going. Suddenly, they went and hid into the bathroom right when the janitor was done cleaning. Toto was still hiding by the safe so we can see the lock and remember the code. Bones was ready to carry a big bag of cash. Once everyone was gone, they rushed to the safe. This safe was huge but the lock was small. Riko would stand on Bones, and Toto will say the number. As the safe finally open, they saw huge stacks of cash. The thieving begun. Riko started adding cash stacks to the bag. To get out Bones jumped onto the front door and soon they ran out. The alarm turned on. Riko was given the bag.

When they all got home, Riko went under his owner's bed and hid the cash. He counted it, it was ten thousand. Now he and the other dogs were able to get more dog food, and more bacon.

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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