We Are the Generation to End Smoking

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Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Submitted: July 01, 2017



Yesterday was Father’s Day and as my whole family gathered around our dining room table to dig into the phenomenal meal my mom had prepared, as always, my uncle slipped out the back door. Everyone knows what he is doing but he is too ashamed to do anything about it and actively attempts to hide it from his family. He goes outside, sits in his car, and smokes in solitude. Several times a day, in fact. He recently lost his job as a head golf pro and moved into my family’s house, so when I am home, I see him sneaking out all the time. I can recall many times around 2 am when my siblings and I were watching tv in the family and we saw him sneak out the back door. I know it is an illness and an addiction for him and many other people, but I simply do not understand. How could he knowingly harm his body and lungs by inhaling poison? My other uncle’s mother has COPD (chronic obstructive pulmonary disease), irreversible lung damage from smoking, and still continues to smoke! I have lost numerous relatives and loved ones because they have failed to see the bigger picture.

Nearly 160,340 people will die from lung cancer in the United States this year and guess what the number one risk factor for lung cancer is? Smoking (medlineplus.gov). You would think for my uncle, after seeing countless relatives go through debilitating battles with lung cancer that that would be enough to put a patch on and throw away the lighter. It is so hard to watch someone you care for and love to knowingly hurt themselves, and know as much as you have tried, you know you can not fix them. Every 8 seconds, someone dies from tobacco and every year about 50,000 people die from secondhand smoke. Note I said secondhand smoke! (thetruth.com).

Nicotine replacement therapy is a treatment that uses products that have very low doses of nicotine in order to ease the symptoms of withdrawal (medlineplus.gov). This could be in gum, lozenges, a spray or a nicotine patch. There are behavioral therapies where you can work with a counselor to help you through the process and curb your cravings (medlineplus.gov). You can quit cold turkey, which is what my grandpa did after seeing his brother in law completely wrecked from a long battle with chemo, which he lost.

About one in five Americans say smoking should be completely illegal, according to a new Gallup poll and an even higher amount of Americans, 55%, would prefer a ban on smoking in public (thetruth.com). So today, I am writing on behalf of my uncle and every other family member I have lost, put down the cigarette. Join me in fighting for a smoke free world. I signed… have you? https://www.gopetition.com/petitions/ban-cigarettes-in-the-usa.html#signpetition







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