A Zombie Waiting for Resurrection

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The day before the day of judgment.

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Submitted: July 01, 2017



I've been waiting inside this casket, in the mausolum neat and so tidy.

Dressed in my finest garment, to look my best for God.

Lately, I've been losing track of time. I died in the 1800's, from a fever.

That umbrella term that covers all death bringing things which come to us.

I was raised a Christian, taught of faith and the resurrection of God.

He who will save his chosen, and I knew I'd be one of them.

BUT, I'm beginning to have my suspicions! I've been patient,

and I think that my patience is coming to an end.

"SO BOTHER IT!.. I'm out of here!"

And bursting through the rotting wood, he left the crypt for good.

Meeting several million Christian zombies in a similar cranky mood,

where joining together, they did agree to bring forth Hell upon Earth.

And the true beginning is just starting, for what its forth.


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