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A single smile can hide a thousand pains.

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Submitted: July 01, 2017



I sit there, thinking "wouldn't it be so easy to end it now". I have the gun, its loaded. All i have to do is put it to my head and pull the trigger. My problems would be over. I am sick of waiting it out, watching people leave me, having my loved ones lost. There's a voice in my head, it tells me i am worthless, and that i don't have the guts to do it. Religious people would say its a demon, the devil trying to turn me from god. I say its the sickness in my head, its like a dark poison. I can feel it taking over. Maybe i should listen, i should just quit whining and pull the trigger. I sit there contemplating whether i should or not, and you know what.....i can't think of a damn reason not to.

So this is my last statement to the people of this world- if you would have just been a little bit nicer, if you would have listened just a little bit longer, if you would have been around just a little bit more,......maybe you could have saved a life.  Goodbye.........BAM ????

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