You will be my King

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When the world wishes to see them apart.

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Submitted: July 01, 2017





Don’t they know how you sing for me?

Don’t they know that we don’t care where we come from?

Why can’t they see the truth when a blind man can?


I smooth my fingers over your arm and hold your rough hand.

“Do not leave my side, my love. Fight by it.”

Your smile spreads across your face like butter and I like it I melt.


My dark eyes search your baby blues for some kind of peace.

But we both know war will be coming.

A princess of the south and a prince of the North…what a tragedy to our families.


They come now.

Warriors in two uniforms running from opposite directions.

They come for us.

You grab my face gently with your hands and lock your eyes with mine.


“For tomorrow.” He begins. “For our love of pure and vital need of each other. For you are to be my queen no matter the cost.”

I stare back with pride, “And you will be my king.”

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