Forever Staring Into The Storm

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A poem inspired by the album cover of "Ótta" By Sólstafir

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Submitted: July 01, 2017



I laid his head down upon the black Icelandic sand


The sky a grey swirling beast, growling and snarling 


The wind screaming, blowing my dirtied hair everywhere 


I rest my hand under his aged head, he watched me with his elderly eyes 


His eyes old, yet still a striking blue


His large grey beard swaying in the ferocious winds


He wanted to speak to me, but could not muster the strength 


His eyes wandered from my face, and up into the stormy clouds 


"Ótrúlegt.." He muttered in his native tongue, the word spoiled by the weakness of death's coming


I felt his breathing slow, his chest barely moving


I shed a tear as I watched the soul of this old man leave 


The reflection of the clouds in his eyes, as his stare grew blank


I hoped the angry wind would take his soul from this mortal land, and onto whatever world existed once our time run dry


I lowered his head onto the sand


His eyes cold and glazed, forever staring into the storm


I could not produce a sound, my throat choked by sadness 


My eyes watering with tears 


Now he lay still, having left this world behind 


There I sat, on my knees, watching the clouds of death roll in slowly 


There was no sun shining, no beaming rays of golden light to console my pain


Just the greyness of the winter storms 


I took a deep breath, aware of the danger ahead


I slowly stood up, legs shaking, and looked out to the sea


I closed my eyes


And felt the powerful wind on my face


Blowing my tears away




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