Tepid Coffee

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Seeing as the entire summary could constitute the word count, I will only say that this flash fiction is centered around a young woman named Anna, in conflict with her sense of purpose.

Submitted: July 01, 2017

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Submitted: July 01, 2017



Anna peered into the mirror-like reflection of her smartphone, adjusting the angle until the intended image came into view.  Her cup of coffee lay forgotten on the table, tepid and without vigor.  Anna studied the two individuals closely.  The woman wore a red and white striped shirt that complimented her fiery hair.  She sat disapprovingly with her arms crossed, glaring at the man across from her.  The nameless man sipped his coffee.


Anna felt herself drift away from the present moment.  She leaned back against her chair, slipping on the stark white sweatshirt that had been carefully placed there.  Anna looked in semi-trance as the man slumped in his chair.  She recalled a memory of doubt once dispelled, drawing it from minds fog like a shield.  


"How can we do it without knowing why?" the memory echoed.  

The weathered and scarred face looked at her over the brim of his hat with watery-grey, penetrating eyes.  His voice was both soft and iron in conviction.  "When we take life, so do we snuff out the terror that accompanied it."  

He lifted Anna's chin, there was fire in his eyes.  "In its wake,  the light of hope remains."

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