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Unexpected visit from Alex Wesker and force Ada Wong to accept an assignment. Alex and Glenn are enemy which try to destroy the world by virus. Meanwhile, Ada is smart enough to know something was not right. How did Ada save the world and unlisted in arrest international warrant?

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



Left hand with a red suitcase and an access key card on the other. Walked along the corridor to her room. After a few distance away from the elevator, she reached her room, glance around the door frame revealed no evidence of tampering. She swiped her card key and bracing herself for attack, entered.


Closed the door behind her and letting it out in a sigh of relief. She leaned her head back, closing her eyes and smiling with the pure pleasure of the moment. A few moment later, she walked toward her bed which was white and clean with good smell with it, tossed her red suitcase on the bed and key card on the other solid wooden table, sitting at the foot of the bed and took out her both high heels boots. She glanced around the room, the design was so prefect which make her fall in love with.


She got up from the bed and walked toward the huge wardrobe on the left side beside the bathroom. It was dark brown in color with two doors on it. She opened with both of her hand and saw the back of the right side door had a reflection of herself. Mirror. Seeing herself in the mirror. What she saw into herself. Her own self. Something was missing, but she did not know what it was. She quickly turned away from the mirror, took off all her clothes and even her gun holster around her waist which let it fall onto the carpet, and stretch her hand and took a robe towel which was hanging inside the wardrobe. Without tied around her waist, she walked into the bathroom.


The shower head still has a few drop of water after she shut it off. Before she grabbed her towel which was hanged outside the shower door, she heard a hard footstep outside her room and could sense that a few men were in her room.


Give me a break.


She rolled her eyes and quickly wore her robe towel, tied tightly around her waist. However, she realized her weapons were near the wardrobe which she dropped few minute ago.


“Ada Wong..” A low and tight voice was calling for her. “I know you finish. Stop wasting time and come out.”


Ada bit her lips. As she looked around, there was no weapon in the bathroom. Shit.

She cursed. Out of a sudden, a man kicked the door with huge force which nearly hit  her. Before Ada could react, a muscular man locked his arm around Ada’s neck and forcefully grabbed her by the right wrist and twisted her arm painfully behind her which made her yelped. The man was so strong which made Ada couldn’t fight back. However, the man dragged her out from the bathroom which made Ada struggled. A few moment later, Ada saw was a woman with neat white suit sitting on the armchair and was playing with a knife.


“Well Alex, what brings you here?” Ada voice was calm. “I remember, I didn’t even invite you.” Ada smirked.


The woman with white suit glanced at Ada and raised her hand for a signer to the man. Again, Ada was forcefully dragged her to sit in front of Alex, which caused the robe towel barely cover her and showed ample cleavage. Ada was trying to adjust herself but one of the bodyguard grabbed her waist and drew out handcuff and placing the handcuff on her wrist in the front. Ada glanced at the man with a frowned then adjusted herself once more.


“Handcuff? Are you serious?”


The women with business class sat in front of her. Their relationship was about business, not personal. Alex knew Ada betrayed her brother with the fake las plagues. But she doesn’t care about her brother, it was a shame that her brother died with another fail test subject.


“You know why I came here?” Alex played with her knife without make any eyes contact with Ada.


“To eliminate me,” Ada spoke.


Alex giggled and glanced toward Ada, she stood up from the arm chair and placed her knife in front of Ada which Ada could kick the table with force to make the knife tossed up and make her escape. But Ada didn’t do that, to many guards and Alex was not a person that she wanna messed with. Alex high heels tapped with wooden floor and echoed around the room. It was so quite until Ada could hear her own heartbeat. But the woman didn’t approach her, she walked to the bar table and make some tea, two cups of tea. A sudden tap was heard which the water heater was already boiled. The women arranged the cups and tear the two packs of tea.


“Why would I do that?” Alex was busy preparing. “if I wanna kill you, you will be dead by now…… naked.” Alex smiled.


Alex held the two cups of tea and approached toward Ada. Placed the cups on the table.


“Ada Wong,” Alex took the knife from the table and placed the tip of the knife at her arm, applying just enough pressure to scratch her skin. Alex slowly dragged the knife up to her neck and brought the blade to rest on her neck which gave Ada’s chill from the inside.


“you are so intelligent and capable of everything, but don’t worry…” Alex giggled playfully each one with the knife and went behind Ada, careful not to pierce her skin.


Ada could feel the cold metal still on her neck which Alex can kill her with one slash. “I’m not here to kill you…” Alex whispered near Ada’s ear.


Ada smirked and said, “torture me?”


Alex drew the blade down her cleavage, again, rest along her cleavage. Alex could sense Ada’s heart beat was beating fast and also uncomfortable with what Alex was doing to her, but Alex enjoyed it. Enjoy to feel the emotionless spy break the record, but Ada didn’t flinched that much.


“I have nothing you want from me.” Ada started to nervous, which she knew Alex may do anything without compassion.


“Ada…” Alex smiled and stopped the knife game. She started gently stroke Ada’s hair which was nearly half way dry. “Don’t be nervous, but I like your nervous.”


Alex roughly cupped up her cheek while the knife rested on Ada’s neck. Whispering near her ear, “I want you to work with me.”  


Alex gently released her and threw the knife which flew toward the drawing wallpaper, which was stuck accurately on the head of the unknown famous person. Ada smirked and knew about Alex purpose. Alex walked to the wallpaper to pull out her knife.


“I suppose your grandmother would interest with it. ” Ada turned her head to her side and barked at Alex.


The muscular man shoved Ada’s head , “Hey! If you ever touch me again, I’ll kill you. ” Ada glanced.


He was just opposite of her, the man smiled at her, then throw his fit at her. However, Ada managed to slip to the side and grabbed his wrist by both of her hands which her wrist was cuffed. Without hesitation, Ada twisted his wrist and knee strike him in his guts which made him kneel in front of her. Ada quickly got up from the armchair and gave him an elbow strike across his face and slammed him into the floor and hit him in the forehead. She was on top of him, one knee locked on the back of his neck and the other on the wooden floor. Ada roughly twisted his arm up which caused the man made a loud yelp.


“I have warned you, scumbag.”


Before Ada could knock him into unconscious, many hands grabbed her and force to break the fight. They locked her arms tightly around their arm which unable to  break free. The muscular man looked up and got up on his feet, rubbed his injured face and said:


“Oh babe, you’re gonna love this.” he clenched his jaw.


The muscular man approached her then grabbed by her shoulder and delivering a knee struck in the groin, twice. However, Ada almost lost her footing as the shooting pain in her groin. Ada gasped and stared at him. Again, the muscular man then grabbed her hair and the other hand prepared for a strike. Ada’s feet were free so she took this opportunity to knee him in the nut. Pain sheeted through him with a terrible intensity. Ada smirked and looked down on him who was on his knee and gasped for air.


“Enough!” Alex shouted.


The men who locked her arms dragged her to her armchair and roughly made her sat. One of the man took out the gun and aimed at her. At the same time, the room echoed with Alex’s high heels when she walked toward the armchair, sat comfortably and took the cup with her right hand and the other holding a small plate in order to support the cup. Alex gently blew across the surface of the cup and then took a small sip.


“Are you alright? My dear?” Alex smiled and gently shook the cup.


“Very funny.” Ada rolled her eyes.


“I suppose you should behave like the other little girl and not make yourself ridiculous. ”


Ada was annoyed by Alex.


“I’m here for business, not personal. Please behave yourself.”


“Oh I behave very well than you think.” Ada snapped.


“So Ada, are you familiar with something called … Biochemistry? Well, I suppose you have the knowledge with it.” Alex giggled and took another sip.


Ada frowned and looked inside her eyes,


“you are not fooling around, aren't you?” Ada voice was tight.


Alex held down her cup, at the same time men hand over a file to her. The file, which looked like it has been burned before. Alex took the file without breaking any eyes contact with Ada, She really meant it, she really wants Ada to get the job done. Alex couldn’t do this without her help. She needed to force and threaten Ada in order to work with her. Alex looked at the file and flip the first page gently, it showed Ada with long hair photo on the upper left side, and then with Ada’s information about it. Her intelligence and achievement during university. However, after she graduated, she served as military for 4 years.


Ada heart skipped a bit, she saw that file which she knew she destroyed it before she worked as a spy, she tightened her fist as she was prepared to strike toward Alex. But she couldn’t, too many guards, and this was not a right time and a right place.


“Where did you gets it?” Ada voice was flat and steady. “I mean how?”


“Your achievement…” Alex smirked, “… your physical achievement, and also your education….hmmmm…” Alex ignored her question and continued to flip the pages.


“Ahh, there…” Alex found something interesting, “…Crime against the state…. interesting…. ” Alex smiled. “I must say, Amature. You have so much to learn at that time. ”


It was long before Ada was in military service, an organization contacted Ada and gave her high pay which in a million to breach the security system in order to perform strike toward the country. After she successfully breached the security system, she was caught by those soldiers. Ada knew she was so stupid to let those soldiers captured her and tortured for 4days after a huge strike down the country and saved her.


“What do you want?” Ada voice was low.


“I would like to know, how did they torture you?”


Ada rolled her eyes and gave her a deadly look.  




Alex closed the file and put it on the table, she rose to her feet and approached to the balcony. From the window, Alex can see into many others. Lots of building opposite and could hear everything going on in the street. It was high enough that there was always a breeze on the balcony. It was the best scenery that can look over the whole city. The night almost came, the sunset was amazing, it was so beautiful.


Good taste.


Get away from the balcony, and voice out, “Would you ever think about this file fall into Chris Redfield’s hand? What do you think the BSAA would do? Hunt you down? At the end of the day, you will need help from me.”


“However, will they increase an international warrant by the name of Ada Wong? Of course my dear. But don’t worry, I’ll return to you when the job is done.” Alex’s mouth curved into a smile, stood by the side of Ada and playing with Ada’s hair.  


“Whatever you do, it doesn’t matter for me. International Warrant? I’ve got to say, It’s an easy job to delisted it.” Ada smirked and turned to Alex.


Alex’s smiled turned into a frown. “It seem this doesn’t pay any attention to you. But I still have something for you.” Alex took a picture out from her white suit.


“I guess, you remember him. Leon S. Kennedy.” Alex threw the picture, showed Leon was drinking beer at the bar. It seem he was drunk.




“My dear…”Alex whispered near her ear, “… I decided to pay a visit to Leon, He seem, I must say, cute.” Alex smirked.


Bitch. You are a bitch, Alex!


“So, what’s the deal?” Ada cleared her throat.  


“That’s what I like to hear, good girl.” Alex gently stroked her hair.


“Shall we begin?”


Ada nodded.


She stole something from me.


Claire Redfield…Chris little sister. Brings her alive.


After Alex Wesker released her, she handed her over an Ipad with Claire Redfield information, her detail, her background and her family. Ada read through the document, and she realized Claire was also a bad ass. She stole the anti-virus when she was on the Island with Alex.


“My my, Claire Redfield, could you aware of what you are doing? You know you get me into deep shit. ” Ada looked threw her Ipad and signed.


“...and Chris. Argh, I really hope not to see you again. ” Ada lay down on the bed while her Ipad beside her.




Ada grabbed the picture of Leon where Alex threatened her with. “What happened to you?”


She was worried.




Claire Redfield was in BSAA headquarter with her brother, Chris Redfield. They were going down the long hallway with silence. Chris put his hands behind his back while Claire followed him with guilt on her face.


I think he knew, what should I do? Quick Claire, think think think!  


He hurried to the elevator and quickly boarded it as it opened. Riding it up usually as he did. Claire observed his expression, it showed glaring look in his eyes and his lips turned into narrowed. Anger already wrote on his face, Claire couldn’t help but just stay by his side. After a few second, Chris finally spoke, “Claire, did you……” his voice was tight.


Claire felt her heart rate beating faster than usual. Suddenly the elevator stopped, two BSAA employee greet politely “Hey Chris,”


Chris expression turned into cheerful and greeted them. Claire knew it won’t be very easy to get out with. Chris and his friends were talking which Claire did not pay any attention of what they were talking about. What Claire would see was Chris was enjoying chatting with them. During the conversation, Chris glanced at Claire, her expression showed she was hiding something, but he knew what she was hiding. Chris loved his sister so much, he would protect her no matter what.


“Alright Chris, see you soon”


“Okay, take care guys.”


They went out when the elevator door opened and closed again, it left both of them in the elevator. It was awkward situation, and then Claire finally spoke, “Chris, I’m sorry, I didn’t……”


Chris looked over his shoulder and step toward her and put his arms around her and hug her. He wrapped her in a warm swaddled of his chest and arms. On the other hand, Claire put her arms around his back which made her melted all of her stress, it was so secured for her.


“Don’t worry Claire, no matter what, I’ll protect you.” Chris kissed her forehead and gently pushed her.


Chris looked into her eyes and said, “tell me what happened.”





Claire told the story to her brother and Jill Valentine in Chris’s office. Jill was sat beside her, hands reached out, seized Claire right shoulder and held her left waist, Jill’s hands settling warmly into her. Meanwhile, Chris sat on the opposite of them, he placed his hands together while make effort to listen carefully to what Claire was purpose. Jill looked at Claire while she was trying to explain, seeing her in a very big trouble, she gently tucked a strand of hair behind Claire’s ear after that rubbing her shoulder. Claire voice almost turned into sob.


“Claire,” Chris spoke. “Did you know the consequence of this?”


Claire doesn’t answer.


“Who is the person ordering you?”


“A man” Claire said.


“Damn it Claire. Who?” Chris almost lost his patient. “Claire, you need to tell me who is he or they. I know there are few guys threatening you.”


“I can’t tell you.” Claire looked down the table.


“Why not? You don’t trust me? Or are you trying to protect them? Come on, Claire.”


“No, I mean yes. I trust you. And I’m not protecting them, it just……”


“Just what? Claire! Will you tell me?” Chris thumped the table with one of his fits made Claire jerked. “Who is that man!”


“Chris!” Jill interrupted. “please lower your voice.” her hand still rested on Claire’s shoulder. “you’re scarring her.”


“Damn it!” Chris barked as he went out of his office to get some air. Chris slammed the door hard.


“Everything will be alright, Claire.” Jill comforted Claire.


“No! Nothing will be alright.” Claire turned to Jill as she grabbed her arms.

”What do you mean?” Jill was confused.


“I thought I’m doing the right thing, but it ended up becoming a mess. ” Claire sobbed.


Jill sat quietly and waited for her to tell her everything. Jill knew about Claire’s personality which she may talk when Jill waited patiently for her. However, Jill was the person that she can stay comfortable and trust with, they were friend of many years. They shared the same hobbies, talked about life, share secrets and shared same the bed.


“Jill,” Claire moved toward and grabbed Jill’s hands, “promise me you will never tell Chris.”


Jill looked at her watering eyes and nodded.


“I was threatened, Jill” Claire breath heavily and knit her eyebrow which showed she was worried. “He said if I fail to comply with the demand he will kill Sherry”


“What? Sherry Brikin?” Jill seemed surprised.


“... Yes, he kidnapped her. They gave me her photo. Torturing her. But the photo was fake.”


“How did you know it fake?” Jill asked.

“After I gave him the anti-virus. I couldn’t contact him. I was my fault that I’ve been pranks. They never captured Sherry, they make the photo so real. I was so stupid. Now I’m in a mess with both parties.”


“Oh God, Claire.” Jill let her rested on her shoulder and gently tapped on her. “Why won’t you called us?”


“I can’t. He is strong and power.”


“Claire. Tell me who is he?”


“Glenn Arias.”



Few months back


It was cold moon at night and the air was so chilled until it blew right through Claire’s red leader jacket. Claire wrapped her arms of herself and walked all the way to her home. Claire everyday walked along the street until she indeed familiar with her neighborhood. She knew a Cambodia family lived few block away which an old woman always greeted her every morning. As she passed through, she could hear the sound of television, what she felt was home. Loving home. Family gathered together happily and watch television together. As she almost reached the door, she took out a bunch of keys of her sling bag which on her left. A click sound was heard then she twisted the handle and entered. Claire closed the door behind her, feeling the smell of her home was damn relaxed and secured. She took off her boots and arranged neatly by the side of the door. However, Claire took her jacket off which left a gray singlet on her and then hang the keys to the key hooker. Claire sighed as she approached to the kitchen. Inside her house was gray which she could barely see the way for the kitchen at the far end of the room, but she knew the way and everything went smoothly until she switched on the light. She smiled and approached to the fridge and took out a half milk container where she left off yesterday. Drank it.




As Claire was enjoying drank to the milk, suddenly she was surprised at how cold she was. She put down the milk container and looking across the study room, which she discovered that the window had let wide open which was letting in the cold air.


Seriously? I must have forgotten.


She sighed and walk tiredly to close the window, with a click sound, locked. She was too tired to think about ghost or invisible guy tried to hunt her which will made her felt uncomfortable. Before she could reach the door, a voice called her name. Claire quickly scanned around the room and she saw a silhouette was near the gilt chair.


“Who it is?” Claire pulled out the gun from her waistband holster. “put your hands up where I can see!” Claire barked.


The woman walked slyly with her hands up approached slowly to Claire. Claire somehow felt someone was behind her, before the man could knock her off, Claire dodged and swing her leg. Making him trip and fall down. However, the man made a loud yelp when he hit the back of his head on the floor. Without hesitation, the woman gave Claire a blow on her face but again, she managed shoved it by her arm and quickly throwing her fits that connected to her jaw.  




The woman turned to her with her eyes blinked red in the dark. She wiped the blood from her lips and smirked. Claire was surprised and got up to her feet. Prepare for another fight.  


“What are you?” Claire was confused when saw her red eyes.


The woman smirked and lunge toward her. Claire intended to use her gun but was knocked and flew under the bookshelf. The woman then struck toward her abdomen which made her knees buckled from the force of the blow made her went down. The woman looked down at her and grabbed by her hair and tried to pull her up, she then sent a leg struck on to Claire’s waist. Claire ended up crashed into the bookshelf and she able to cover herself with the books that fall on her. Lucky those books was not as tick as dictionary. Claire was wounded and struggling, she looked around and saw the gun was under the bookshelf. As the woman approached her, Claire quickly took the gun but unlucky her hand squeezed by the woman’s boots before she manage to aim at her. Claire whimpered which made her loosen her grip. The woman bent down to snatch her gun and unloaded it, threw it on the floor before released her. Claire directly threw a few books at her, she used her forearm to block and step backward. Claire quickly jumped from back to feet and took a baseball bat beside the bookshelf, thanks to Chris for putting the baseball bat there. Claire grabbed tight and steady.


“Stop right there!” Claire shouted.


The woman never stopped, she kept on coming near her. Claire doesn’t have any choice to smack her with the baseball bat. However, the woman managed to avoid and block a few times but only get hit twice, she was like so knowing about Claire’s move. After a few moments, the woman was tired of her, she blocked the baseball bat by her forearm and lung her fits forward, directly in Claire’s face, twice. Without hesitated, Claire swung her leg toward the woman head caused her fell to the floor with a thump. Without feeling any painful sensation, She pushed herself up and again, went near to Claire. Claire was confused, why didn’t she felt any pain. Claire tried her best to swing the baseball bat over her but ended up snatched and snapped over her knee. The woman was cool and keep on coming to her. Claire walked backward and looked in her eyes. The woman was fierce it made Claire could feel the sweat drench her skin and the thumping of her heart against her chest. Claire knew she couldn’t fight with her anymore. She was not human!


Am I going to die here? Killed by her? NOOO… Oh, Chris! Help me… God please help me.


As Claire’s back touched against the cold wall and breathe heavily, eyes stared her red eyes. The woman then stopped in front of her, grabbed and pulled her arm, force her walked to the big soft couch in living room. The woman shoved her and turned on the lamp stand. Claire was panting. However, it was not bright enough to shine all over the living room, but Claire could see the woman face clearly. Short and blonde hair.


“Well, Hello Claire.” a man spoke with friendly tone.


“Who are you guys? What do you want from me?” Claire voice was trembling.


“Oh, Let me introduce, my name is Glenn Arias, and this is Maria Gomez which she was the one fighting with you.” Glenn spoke.


“I think you’ve got the wrong guy, I don’t even know you.”


“But I know you, Claire Redfield. I know every single detail of you. ” Glenn smiled.  

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