shadow shark

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - the bomber

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



The older girl was sitting in the first aid room which was as white as snow getting treatment from the nurse who was using her healing powers to make sure the older girl was okay, a big man walked into the room and sat on a stool which was 1/5 the size of his whole body which the older girl had to hold in her laughter at and said “hello I am the principal of this school girls, welcome to V and H high school I hope you enjoy your youth to the fullest” with that he stood up and walked out of room bumping into at least 10 things on the way. The older dropped her younger sister off at her classroom and walked to hers opening the door and walking in front of the class, she bowed and said, “hello everyone, you can call me Jessi and I will be in your classroom from today” and with that walked to the back of class and sat down. Jessi went through thereat of the day mundanely until the final lesson when they learned about power suits which helps cover people’s identity’s and help them home in their powers so they wouldn’t overload, the suit she designed were black sneakers, black jeans, a black t-shirt, black hoodie and a black plastic mask which had slanted eyes and a really creepy smile on the mask. They were in the middle of classes and no one would go up to Jessi which didn’t surprise her in the slightest when a sudden boom came from outside and the classroom was shaking, the girl closed her eyes and went to search for what caused the explosion inside her head, finding a tall muscular man beating the students up and finally coming across her little sister in which he threw her to the wall which knocked her out. Jessi’s anger instantly snapped and stood up, walked out the classroom, grabbed her suit and put it on. The whole class just sat down so surprised that everyone was completely silent, when a girl with bright blue hair said, “can you turn on the TV so that we can see what’s going to happen with the battle?” the teacher responded by nodding and turning on the TV. Jessi crashed into the rooftop seeing the terrorist and he said sarcastically “wow you look so scary, I imagine your another one of those heroes who are going to try to fight me to save this school only to completely fail because they don’t want to hurt anyone”, she responded by smiling saying “well I’m not a hero, if anything I’m a villain”. She ran towards the terrorist who closed his hand and let out what looked like visible sound waves which Jessi noticed was nullifying her powers which made think ‘I see that this is what other people were struggling with because they were relying too much on their powers and were not very good at fighting normally but if that’s all I got to worry about than this will be over quickly’. Their fight was hilariously ones sided with the terrorist using swords in fighting in which were not even scratching Jessi because she was dodging them all and adding in the insult to the terrorist was the fact that she also completely broke his left arm with one kick, when the terrorist finally gave up she drew her sword and pointed it to his neck and asked “did someone called badger pay you to do this?, answer this question honestly and I may not kill you”. The terrorist looked at her eyes which just stared back lifelessly into his soul and realized immediately that he definitely would regret lying to this girl so he spoke “no, I was just hoping to have some fun messing around with some of the naïve students”, he waited for her to make the decision of whether he was lying or not as she scanned him with her eyes and answered “well done in answering honestly but unfortunately I think it would be incredibly fun to kill you now” and for the first time in his life he felt as if death was crawling up his skin covering his whole body which made his skin start to turn white as he was in a near-death experience. Jessi was watching his reaction and smiled but then she then notices someone’s presence coming to her at an incredible speed so she jumped back and saw a girl rush past her face crashing into the ground, stood up and dusted herself off and spoke “I will not allow you to kill someone on school grounds villain, even if the person is another villain”. The blonde girl thrust her sword to which Jessi blocked with another sword that she un-sheaved out of her back but the blond girl’s sword suddenly had light wrapping around it which it moved toward Jessi and burned her arm to which she gritted her teeth and slammed the heel of her shoe into the girl’s jaw which knocked her out drawing the light back into her sword and Jessi “wow that hurt, that must mean your strong if you managed to hurt the Shadow Shark”. The terrorist’s eyes widened and he said, “no way can you be shadow shark, I mean you should have died like a billion times already, how are you alive?” Jessi responded by taking off the hoodie and mask to which the terrorist took one look at and started screaming, Jessi smiling wickedly spoke “Shadow Shark is back everyone, I shall have my great comeback by sacrificing this person who tried to defy me, too bad you didn’t get to see my comeback goodbye”. She swung her sword slicing his neck painting the floor and her sword the colour red, the man’s body fell to the floor silently and then Jessi grabbed her little sister and walked away. 

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