The tale of Robin Hood

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A light hearted poem extoling the heroic deeds of Robin Hood.

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



The tale of Robin Hood

He was as fleet footed as a sparrow,

And as crafty as a raven.

He was born in the hamlet of Loxley

Near the river Avon.


Dressed in Lincoln green from head to toe

He was the wolf’s head, Robin Hood,

The nemesis of Nottingham

And champion of the poor.


His arrows shot fast and true

Dealing out justice with his longbow

The green man of Sherwood, Robin Hood,

Flying the flag for the true and the good.


Little john, his right hand man

Was a blacksmith by trade.

Weapons and armour for the men of Sherwood

The Barnsdale smithy forged and made.


His chronicler was Alan A’dale

A bard of great renown

With his lute and pipes

He sang of Robin’s heroic deeds travelling from town to town.


Will Scarlett was his half-brother

A swordsman of great skill

Slaying Normans wherever he found them

Notching up kill after bloody kill.


Friar tuck was a man of God

He wielded the Lord’s word like a mighty sword

He was the moral leader for Robin and his men

Preaching the word of god in their forest den.


With his love, Maid Marion his band was now complete

He would crush the corrupt Normans under his sandaled feet.

He fought to free the people of the land

Championing, King Richard as he fought in the Holy land.


Deeds of daring-do were heaped upon his name

His light would shine through history like an eternal flame.

He was champion of the weak; he stood for all that was good

He was the King of Sherwood Forest, the Outlaw, Robin Hood.

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