Timothy, The brave

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When Young Timothy, is to take over His Father the Kings throne, He suddenly gets a change of Heart. Now taken Prisoner in His own Home Young Timothy is to be Executed by orders of his own father, after Fleeing His home Timothy is hunted across the KIngdom, He must recover the dade Necklace discover His fathers secrets, and elude capture of the Four Horsemen, By gaining fame and glory with the Kingdoms citizens will You gather an Army strong enough to Overthrow Your own Father.

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



The world is once again at stake, and only a hero with a courageous and true heart
Can hope to cleanse this world from the darkness that has swept through it.

Banished from your Kingdom by your own father The King Young Timothy must track downHis beloved teddy Bear who has been Imprisoned by The Kings loyal Men and Your own Father has ordered Your execution and will be followed out by the Kings Servants the Four Horsemen 

You must trek the Deadly woods of Aleithia to find Your trusty Backpack
Which holds Your flashlight which when turned on will keep the Shadow People at Bay

But first You must find Your Batteries as its the only way to get this Flashlight to work its been stolen By a vicious Troll that lives under the Gumdrop bridge I hear He gets along well with Your Sister find Her and get them to come to an understanding as having a troll in Your debt would be of great service to someone who is about to steal away his fathers throne

Mud People have suddenly been popping up across the world terrorizing all the little children and forcing them to do Homework see to it Timothy that this request is met and all the towns children will pitch in their best efforts to come to Your aid in your rise against the King

An archmage has been arrested by the King Your father suspects He was the one that had a sexual liaison with Your Mother He looks wholeheartedly for the moment of the archmages execution but knowing that Your own father wants You dead must mean this man is Yet another one of Your fathers victims free Him as He could be of great service to You as You look to take down your fathers vile Empire and reclaim Your throne

Their is a dirty swindler at the towns casino, They think he outright cheated them in a poker tournament prove them wrong by revealing the entire casino is a fraud as the owner has only left those He deemed deserving to win 

The towns bank has been raided, and its Gold reserves GONE it appears there are muddy footprints leading away from the vault and into the woods where a big sized hole was discovered can Young Timothy solve this case? And is it really worth the time when He is on a quest that is far greater than GOLD?

Lucious has been seen riding around town, and if You remember from last time the news He carries is never of the good variety, Find Him and see what it is He wants this time.

There is talks of a strange hermit who has just arrived in the town He may be hiding a sinister agenda Locate his room at the inn and see why He has found Your kingdom to be His new Home.

One of Your classmates swears that Your father stole Her dade Necklace one that is of great importance in Her family, if the tales are to be believed it appears that the necklace belonged to King Arthur and supposedly holds the Soul of Lerau an Evil spirit that looks to One day Devour the World 


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