Dinner for 30

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Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



Dinner for 30
I turned confidently, comfortably to leave as I had a hundred times before, but  then I paused a bit just inside her doorway. Some wee small voice was tugging at my shirt tail telling me to look back once more upon this long time friend.
My mind (and it's habitual way) told me, as it had countless times before, "Say, good night  and go." Without turning to look, I would give a back-handed wave and go.
But that little something told me to, "Hold up look at her". Still in the doorway to leave, in fact one hand pushing the door open, I glanced back at her. I could feel my face light up as I somehow saw her differently than ever before. Blinking hard so hard she even noticed, Her voice so delicate, so soothing, "You ok, Dax?"
Nodding "yes" i tried to refocus,  her image somehow enhanced somehow clarified. Yet my brain saw it no differently than it did last month or the year before. OOO even a blind man could see her beauty,
We have on many occasions entered the ballroom and felt all eyes on her. People would say it was us as a couple that had their attention but somehow I knew it was Carletta.
Seconds ago I was ready to call it a night and say goodbye. That thought now diminishing with each breath I took.
Yes, it's Carletta, but ......  Maybe it's the light .... maybe to much to drink. I actually saw her in a totally new way. My God, she is truly a sight for sore eyes! I have been the fool all these years?
Now the teasing comets from my friends, "Did you go to bed with her yet? No .... You are a damn fool! The girl loves you!", ran through my mind like cannon balls through a wooden ship.
She came closer to see if I was ok (I supposed) and I leaned forward without a thought and kissed her , ever so gently, on the lips. When the kiss was broken her eyes remained closed for just an instant as if stunned a bit ... Her face then smiled as she took my hand.
As she touched hand with her tiny delicate hand I knew times had changed forever between us, She even tighten her grip as our fingers intertwined. As if we were at the top of the roller chaster ready to dive.( indeed, perhaps we were.)
Now as if by some magic we were standing together in the middle of the living-room as she turned to me ... Her eyes dancing up to mine as she said, "Let's try that again".
Again, I leaned down as her heels lifted her from the floor. Her face took on a luster I had never seen before. Her eyes closed as if trusting my next move.
This kiss was no good goodnight kiss, no no, it was a welcome home kiss from her to me and from me to her. It may not have happened but to this day remember a low slight moan come from her as her fingers ran through the hair on the back of my neck. (First from the right then the left,) A moan like one would release once a sliver is pulled
from a finger ... a moan of relief.
The kiss now broken I had to chuckle she had to giggle no words spoken as we kissed yet again, and again,. My chuckles turn to groans her giggles to whimpers.
You know how the prefect glove is a bit tight when you first put it on? Soon after you hardly know it's there. Our little world was kinda like that. At first kinda tight a, bit cumbersome. Not sure and not caring, but willing, no eager, to press on,
Shortly my hands found her tight yet supple rump and my grip tightened as if I had done the same a thousand times before and perhaps I had, She in her bed and miles away me in mine. Sleep covered the path we took like leaves on a tail through the woods of life. Now that same breeze was clearing that  path.
Was then when I realized her hands had been in that same position on my butt for some time, Like that glove, we fit.  Hardly knowing the world outside was even there. Nor did we care.
Not sure now who did what when but in the blinking of an eye the flesh of her breasts pressed tightly to mine, Her legs parted just enough to press the seam of her cut-off jeans tightly to my upper thigh. Moving up almost to my hip then down 3 maybe 4 inches. Noticeably, but not aggressively. Witch of us was actually causing this motion my hands or her natural instances, truly did not matter. It was pleasing us, that was all that mattered.
From where we were to the foot of her bed was filled with a "giggle" here and an "ouch" there. Some clumsy actions some groping a lot of not so tender touching stroking working of her flesh and mine. Ending as I laid her on her unmade bed. By now she was holding, no more like talking possession of my stiffening member.
"OOOO Dax I knew you were a big ol'boy but this is a welcome surprise!" Quickly she got up on her elbow as she tightened her grip squeezing a drop of clear pearl like juice to form just at the tip of my cock. I smiled as she lick that pearl away another squeeze for another droplet her mouth opened as her tongue dug into the slit in the head
of my cock. As if begging for more.
Then the room and my head filled with her voice, "MMMmmmMMM good stuff!"
The next few moments are still a blur. filled with sucking, licking, rubbing softly and perhaps not so softly. Them nibbling at her clit as she gagged on my meat, The room awakened with the shearing my sent as she sheared her's.
I do recall shoving the second finger into her belly hitting that spot and hearing her voice as the wet spot formed below her rump.
" MYyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyGGGGGGG, first time for everyyyyyything MORE DAX MOREEEEEEEEE!!!"she whispered in a scream.
Her hand stroking my cock faster, harder as I move between her now quivering thighs. As I lowered my hips she guided my cock home. Each of us pressing , her hips up mine down, we could not get it in. She giggled, I groaned. I suppose these were the magic words as I popped in and she seemed to cum again her
cunt now dripping with her natural lubricates. That wet spot now all but a pool.
"OOOOO Letta ... so tight"...... After a few long, slow plunges to fully open her and to lub the length and width of my member the pace quickened. I remember the room filled with not only the sent of sex but with the sound of our hips smashing
wildly together. That passionate beat broken here and there with a giggle, a moan, a chuckle, the telling gasp for air.
Her hands, at times, guiding my hips in a circular motion to find new un-used, untended places deep in her tummy.
"OOOO Letta I'm going to cum!!"
"Not there Dax I am not on the pill!! Cum in my the other one, Dax, please cum in my butt!
As if we had done this a thousand times we hardly skipped a beat. Yes. the pace slowed for a bit but soon or bodies were slapping together with that animalistic rhythm once again.
Not sure if I  actualy noticed it, not sure I could have stopped even if I had. But, now i recall that for the first few strokes into her rump she bit her lips tightly together. 
However, she relaxed when my pubic hair ground into her pulsating pussy.
It was shortly after emtering her that my cock jerked and the flood of seed started pumping my into her ass .... I thought, I hopped it would not stop. However it did and I collapsed on the bed beside her. My unbelieving cock still trying to pump.
She had other things in mind and my cock was back in her mouth, "MMMMM a bit spicy but I was not expecting this at all. I had dreamed of it but....MMMmmm".
Her head bobbed for what seamed like a few strokes but it must have been more than that.
I do not remember how many time we sealed this new dimention of our bond that weekend and honestly it does not matter.

 "You might suppose that this is not the way to talk at this time or this place. However, some of you have asked, "Your anniversary date, isn't til next month, right?"

"OOOOOOOOO but thruthfully, yes it is! This was the day, this was the weekend, that two long-time friends became one bright shinning star. Some 30 years ago.
"A toast ..... Here's to the wonder of you, my sweet loving Carletta!"
E'tron-Quist 06/30/17

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