Rhapsody (Awakenings Book 2)

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Prolog (v.1) - Introduction

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



My girl loves words.  She loves looking through the dictionary to find new words.  There are always words going through her mind, distracting her, keeping her awake.  In the moment words overwhelm her and she fumbles through them, but when she puts a pen to paper, they form perfectly to share new worlds and intense affairs.

When Margo told me she wanted to write our story, I fully supported her.  I knew how anxious she could get when the stories wouldn’t stop hounding her.  I was completely unprepared when I actually read what she wrote.  I realized was how much Margo loves me.  Reading her thoughts and feelings gave me new insight into her mind.  I wanted her to experience the same elation I did.

I decided to sit down and write my side of our story.  So much of her story I knew, obviously, but there were so many events, thoughts, and feelings that I hadn’t known about.  I knew it would be similar when she read my story and I wanted to give her that.

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