what matters the most money or happiness?

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i don't understand why all are running for money. is there is nothing important than this.

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



I don't know what I will I do in future and I don't know what I want to do now. In everyone life there is a dream, like others I have also but I don't know why everyone around us, want us to sacrifice all my happiness and only think about them. Why there is so much restrictions for us in everything I don't know. Everyone use to say us that parents know what is good for us but what is good about it that we can't even able to tell us our feeling and they don't even try to understand us. I don't know about others what they think but for me I can't understand what is wrong in doing that makes me happy. From my childhood I only get to learn that money is everything in life. Why my mumy and papa never said me that my happiness matters the most. In my life I have always seen fighting between family because of money and whenever my mumy and papa talk with me they only talk about money, they never asked me I'm happy or not, they only want me to do what they want . I can't understand some people say love and happiness is everything but why in my life all taught me that if there is money there is love and happiness and now I also think like this. Whenever I buy something expensive and eat in a expensive restaurant my parents use to tell me that for this comfort life you have to earn money like your father otherwise forget about such life in future. People say easily that money is nothing in front of love and happiness. But in real life money is everything if you have no money no one want to be friend of you, if you have no money you will get no respect in society. From childhood because of this I sacrificed my every dream because my parents said that the dream I have is childish, they told me right now you are little so you can't take right decision of your life . Is there anything wrong to have a dream whatever it is but still it is a dream of a child who believe that they can do this but how can all so easily break their dream and believe just by saying that you are child, I know they are our parents and they have right to take decision of our life but they should also understand the feelings of their child. I have only listened NO from my parents for everything, they say if you study then you can be successful in life, if you don't listen to your parents you can do nothing in life. Why they think that whatever I do is useless and nonsense. And now when I'm studying they are expecting me to be good in what everything. I can't understand what is the problem being slow in everything, what is the problem that I don't know general knowledge. I can't understand why people are only seeing the things I don't have, why they don't want to know what I know. It is not like that I don't know anything, I'm just different from others, why everyone wants me to be like my intelligent friend. People around me only see the flaws in me they don't even try to know what special I have. Right now my situation is like this that I don't know what interest I have, I just don't want to be like others. My mumy said me that in life you have to do the things you don't like but one day you will realize that this is the right thing, I'm not saying that my mumy is wrong but I want to do that thing that makes me happy, want to have that dream that don't let me sleep. I don't know this is right or wrong but in my heart I truly want this. One day someone asked me what is my interest, what I want to do, that time I can't say anything but in my heart I think I got the answer. My heart said that I want to be different from others, want to be unique. Right now I don't know what I will do in life but I truly believe that I will find what I want to do now the most. My parents are not bad, nothing is perfect in this world, how can my parents will be perfect, right now I'm not able fulfill their expectations but I believe that they will be proud for me. I'm sorry mumy papa. My mumy always said me if you have you can do anything you want but if you have even slightest doubt in your faith then it is impossible.

I'm not perfect in anything but I have faith that I will turn everything in my way.

One thing I wish that it will be so nice if there is nothing like money in this world. There would be no fight, no crime all would so happy in their life and we have peaceful world with full of love and happiness.

I would like to have place where me and my family can spend time without any tension and sadness. This is also one of my dream and I will do it.

I wish everyone also have happy life and have a good family who will be with you in your hard time so that you can pass it together and you no longer feel lonely.

I just write my feelings, I know I'm stupid girl having this kind of thoughts. But I just write my feelings because there is no one listen to me and my stupid feelings.

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