Father and Daughter Reunite

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Twelve years ago Allen Hart walked out on his wife and daughter Josephine Hart. He contacts Josephine to ask her to forgive him.

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



Amber Foster came down the stairs and went into the kitchen. Her step sister Josephine Hart was looking at a menu from the Catch of the Day Restaurant. “It is so nice to sleep until 10 o’clock on a Monday,” said Amber as she poured a cup of coffee.  Josephine started making a knocking noise.”What was that?” asked Amber. Josephine made the knocking noise again. “Joey, I think there is someone at the door,” said Amber. Josephine got up and pretended to be looking out. “It’s Korey,” said Josephine. “What! He can’t see me like this,” exclaimed Amber quickly buttoning up her pajama top. Josephine stood at the door and started laughing. “There is no one at the door is there?” asked Amber. Josephine shook her head no. “Joey Hart, I ought to hit you,” said Amber putting a smile on face. Josephine walked back over to table and sat down. “So, what are we going to do today?” asked Amber sitting down at the kitchen table. “I don’t know yet. I was thinking about going to Juicy Burger for lunch,” said Josephine. “Sounds good, let me go get dressed,” said Amber getting up from the table.
“Is something wrong?” asked Amber as she noticed Josephine staring at a man sitting a couple of tables from them at Juicy Burger. “No,” said Josephine continuing to stare at the man. “Come on, what is it?” asked Amber. “For some reason that guy looks familiar,” said Josephine. Amber took a good look at the man. “He doesn’t look familiar to me. Maybe, he was one of the patrons at the Boogie Barn when we performed,” said Amber. “You are probably right,” said Josephine.
The man that Josephine had been staring at motioned for the waitress to come over. “When I leave, I want you to give this to the girl sitting right over there,” said the mysterious man pointing to Josephine and handing the waitress an envelope.
“The gentleman that was sitting over there wanted me to give you this,” said the waitress handing Josephine the envelope. “Twelve dollars,” said Josephine with a puzzled look on her face as she opened the envelope. “That’s kinda creepy, to give a complete stranger an envelope with money in it,” said Amber. “Tell me about it,” said Josephine as she put the money back into the envelope. 
Josephine and Amber started walking toward Amber father’s white jeep after paying for lunch and exiting Juicy Burger. “Joey, what is that?” asked Amber noticing a box in the driver seat. They hurried to the jeep and examined the box. “This is getting too weird,” said Josephine. “I wonder what is,” asked Amber. “We will find out when we get home,” said Josephine.
“I can’t wait to see what is in the box,” said Amber with excitement as Josephine started opening the box. “Oh-my-gosh,” said Josephine taking a dollhouse out of the box. “A dollhouse,” said Amber with a puzzled look on her face. “This is what I wanted for my birthday for my sixth birthday,” said Josephine. “This is getting freaking scary; first someone leaves you twelve dollars and then leaves a gift that you wanted twelve years ago,” said Amber. “Daddy,” exclaimed Josephine doubling up her fists. “What?” asked Amber. “Think about it. Mom and dad were the only ones that knew I wanted that dollhouse and the twelve dollars represents the number of years he has been gone,” said Josephine. “What are you going to do?” asked Amber. “I am going to the Bikini Bar in Huntington Beach,” said Josephine angrily starting to walk off. “Joey, stop,” shouted Amber grabbing Josephine. “Let go of me,” shouted Josephine. “Joey, you are in no condition to be going to Huntington Beach to meet you father,” said Amber. “Let go of me,” shouted Josephine. “Joey, would you at least let me drive you there?” asked Amber. “Fine,” said Josephine handing Amber the car keys. 
Josephine and Amber walked into the Bikini Bar. “I am here to see Allen Hart,” said Josephine. “He no longer works here,” said bartender. “Do you have any idea, where I could find him? I am his daughter and have not seen him in twelve years,” said Josephine. “You are Josephine Hart aren’t you?” asked the bartender. “Yes,” said Josephine. “Your father came in yesterday and told me that you would probably come here looking for him. He wanted me to give you this,” said the bartender handing Josephine an envelope with her name on it. Josephine thanked the bartender and walked out.
Josephine opened the envelope as Amber inserted the key into the ignition. Josephine took a piece of paper out of the envelope. “What does it say?” asked Amber. “It’s an address,” said Josephine. “Where?” asked Amber. “Nine fifteen Taylor Street in Piney Point,” said Josephine with a puzzled look on her face. “That’s where I am going,” said Amber.
Josephine knocked on the door at nine fifteen Taylor Street. Allen Hart opened the door. “If you was expecting a heartwarming father daughter reunion you can forget it! Why! Why did you walk out on me and mom twelve years ago! Why!” shouted Josephine at the top of her lungs. “Please come in,” said Allen.
Josephine and Amber sat down on a couch. Allen sat down in a chair across from them. “Joey, me and your mom were too young and immature when we got married. We did not know the first thing about finances and we got in a financial crunch. As the years went by the financial situation got worse and worse. The situation got so bad that I turned to the bottle,” said Allen. “You were drunk the night that you and mom had that fight when I was six,” said Josephine. “Yes, princess, and I have regretted walking out on you and your mom everyday since I got out of rehab, four years ago ,” said Allen, “Why, did you wait until now?” asked Josephine. “A couple of months ago I had a near death experience and it changed my life. I don’t think we'll ever have a father daughter relationship, but I would like for you to forgive me for walking out on you twelve years ago,” said Allen. “Why can’t we have a relationship. Are you just planning to ask me to forgive you and then leave again?” asked Josephine. “I don’t plan on leaving. I know you hate me and don’t want anything to do with me,” said Allen. “I am mad at you because you walked out on me and mom; but I can’t hate you. You're my dad and will always be,” said Josephine with tears starting to roll her cheek. “It will take some time and a lot of work, but I would really like to get to know you,” continued Josephine. “Thank you,” said Allen hugging his daughter. “That is so beautiful,” said Amber with tears starting to roll down her cheek.
Amber was in her bedroom sitting on the bed brushing her blond hair. Josephine walked in and sat down beside her. Amber handed Josephine her hair brush. “I wanted to thank you,” said Josephine starting to brush Amber’s hair. “For what?” asked Amber. “Preventing me from acting like a jerk. I was really upset and I could have done something I would have regretted doing later on” said Josephine. “Your welcome,” said Amber with a smile on her face. 


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