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Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



I count my every flaw.
And there are many,
I assure you there are.

People think I'm strong.
Oh how they are wrong.

My mind is fragile.
My face a mask of lies.
I feel so unprepared.
And I doubt I'll be spared,
From my own dreadful thoughts.

It has to end right?
This life of hateful and meaningless 
It must have an end,
Or is that just wishful thinking?

Oh god I'm sinking,
In a riptide of hurt.
It's too much,
Too much for me
And my fragile mind.

My hope is wearing thin.
So much love around me
Yet I don't feel it.
I see you care,
I promise I do.
But my heart doesn't feel it,
And it's so unfair.

But I'll plant on a smile
No matter how fake.
I do it for you.
You don't need my problems.
I'd only drag you down with me,
Into my world of misery.

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