The hood

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This is about ghetto ass neighborhoods.

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



The hood 
Is not a misunderstood place 
they'll lace 
Your blunts with heroin 
As gangsters
 tear open your soul
Motherfuckers would 
Kill you for your dr dreys
Drugs everywhere on every block 
They wont hesitate to cock the gat and 
bust slugs at you
Right where your're at  
When your trespassing on their shit 
Homeless men where nothing but rags 
taking drags of 305 ciggarettes 
Taking swiggs of booze  
Bitches will 
kill you for your shoes 
This is where police brutality 
Is a fucking reality 
They'll pull you over 
And beat the shit out of you 
Because of your nationality 
Unfortunetely This is the actuality 
Of the hood
These are the people 
Who wont hesitate
Because of hate  
To blow your brains out 
Right in the middle of 
This  concrete jungle 


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