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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Thrillers  |  House: Booksie Classic
This is about the dark side of my mind.

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



I’m a fuckin psychopath
 my mind is ill
I’ll fill 
your skull full of bullets
 I have no apathy or empathy
 You will never exercise my demons
 you fuckin heathens
 they are inside my soul forever
 as I stay 
and pay 
the price to be this way
 You might say 
I’m crazy but I don’t give a fuck 
when my bad luck
 makes life hold a gun to my head
I embrace the danger 
fearlessly just as I greet a new stranger
 with a knife to my throat
 ready to take my life
 I don’t even have a wife or kids
 I got nothing to lose 
why should I fear you 
I’ll sear your face 
like a steak on fiery metals
 as your soul petals 
its way to death 
while you smoke your last piece a meth
Your just another piece 
of the feast 
and my killin spree 
that’s fillin my heart
 with joy just like a boy
 pullin another gun out
 to have fun with 
while my inner self dies 
right through my eyes 
 Each one of my enemies will die
 and each and everyone of them will drop like a fly
your life drains 
from your veins 
just as quick as grains 
of sand fallin outta my hand
 Look me straight in the eye 
don’t defy my stare as you die
 Live with your decision for fuckin with me 
because I’ll destroy your world with a fission bomb
 killin as many people as saddam
 remember me  you’ll just be another bitch in my collection of souls that I see through the 
reflection while I stare into my own eyes in the mirror
 As I stomp on you I’ll fumble all your chances
 while you’re on the ground ,you’ll mumble your pleas for life
 but your request will be denied
 because you chose another one of the dances with the devil but  with me it will be your last and your death will fast


© Copyright 2018 jake the wisdomatic frog. All rights reserved.

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