From a Boy to a Godly Man: A Boy's Bible Study of David

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Growing teenage boys constantly see and hear instructions in the world on how to be strong and happy men. These instructions usually conflict with God's instructions. It's frustrating for boys leaving childhood, unsure of what they face. "From a Boy to a Godly Man: A Boy's Bible Study of David" is an eye-awakening and refreshing Bible Study that reflects on the life of David, and then applies God's Word into the reader's life. There are sections throughout the study called "Live It!" where the growing boy is guided and challenged to not just hear God's Word, but to DO it. The book also heavily focuses on obedience, scripture memorization, daily Bible reading (and a love for it!), and prayer. Most importantly, a new realization is grasped that the boy's greatest joy will be his greatest hunger -- to seek the heart of God. Katy Leigh Foster guides with the love of a mother, depicting her interest in Biblical history and a passion to dig deeper into the Bible. Chris Foster adds God-given wisdom and practicality, and personal testimonies as a man seeking after God's own heart

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The Valley of the Shadow of Death

Submitted: July 06, 2017

The next four lessons will wrap up the First Book of Samuel. Hopefully, you agree that it is an awesome book in the Bible. Much has happened since we first started the study, from David’s boyhood to entering manhood living in the woods, to moving to Philistine territory.
What about you? What has happened in your life? Not to focus necessarily on bad things, and not to focus necessarily on just good things; yet, how has God made happenings in your life? What has He shown you about Himself? What has He shown you about yourself? What do you still want to know?
Where have you grown spiritually? Where in your life have you realized you may have a weakness to sin? Jesus is holding out his hands and saying, “I’ll take it away.” Believe, and let Him.
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