Unavoidable circumstances of life : Car 5518

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a mysterious abandon car & a life ends

Submitted: July 02, 2017

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Submitted: July 02, 2017



Coincidence , fate , foretold or simply imaginative story.

About 18 months ago , a metalic orange Chervolet sedan car showed up at roadside of the left turn from the street where we lived. The car with number plate 5518 was parked opposite a semidetached house that serves as a Chinese temple.

Days, weeks and months passed by , the car remained at the same spot. Perched at edge of the street .Unattended. Tyres flattened with rusty rims.

Sometime in Mar 2017, the roadworks begin. The Contractors were relaying the surface of the roads in our housing estate. The residents were told to move their cars on certain days and time of work. No one came to claim the Chervolet sedan car. The Contractors moved the car to another street in the estate and eventually it landed up on the street that's on my right turn from my house.

The abandoned car 5518 now closer to house number 18 on our street. House number 18 belongs to my wife's brother. Her brother had been sick past 16 months by then. That was in April. Since then , among my busy travels , I did not pay attention to the abandoned Car 5518. Sometime between April to June , the Car had been moved and it was no where to be found in the estate.

Exactly, 18 months from the time first sighting of Car no 5518 in our estate , the owner of house no.18 ,my wife's brother passed on. He was 55 years old. He passed on Saturday 24th June. Prior to that Wednesday, the Singapore pools 4D lottery called out the number 5518. Were all the sign there for the coming of the end for the soul at  house number 18. 

Coincidence , fate , foretold or simply imaginative story in this unavoidable circumstances of life.

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