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She was happy; real happy. Lying naked in her bed, just a thin sheet of linen covering her body, she was smiling. The tears coming out of her eyes with a widening smile were the proof of her happiness. Her sparkling eyes were showing the intimacy of the moment and the importance of this moment in her life. She was silent yet her heart was beating out loud, that anyone at the moment could hear her heart singing. There were bite marks all over her white smooth body. Her breasts were having his finger-prints on them. His love was so pure for her. The way he was caressing her, she was so in love with him. Her pleasuring moans were enough to support her love for him. Their bodies were drenched in sweat albeit it was cold outside. He was trying to fit in her body, completely all over her, kissing her everywhere.
“Are you ready for this?” He whispered setting a position between her legs. But his voice was like a lightening volt for her. This heavy voice, this did not belong to the person she had surrendered herself and her body. And then all of a sudden she was afraid. She felt a jolt in her heart. She tried to look at his face but all she could see was a blurred image. She opened and closed her eyes repeatedly for several times so that she could get a clear image of him but she couldn’t. Lying naked beside someone you don’t even know, can be adventurous to a man but to a women it is far worse than hell. Her whole body was trembling with the fear. She tried to push him away from her but his grip was too tight to loose.

Struggling with her whole strength she finally asked. “Who are you and how am I with you?”
“Me? I’m, your husband.”
“What??? How can you…. How can you be my husband? I don’t even remember my marriage.” She asked with fear this time.
“Leave it. Let’s do this.” And then he holds her hands tightly.
“Wait if you are my husband why are you forcing me?”
“Because it’s our first night together and I have already waited enough.” And then he entered into her.
“Wait wait…” but this time he didn’t stop. She cried in pain “stop. Please stop this. You are hurting me” and this time she really was in pain because it was happening against her will. He was griping tighter onto her wrist. She tried to scream, she tried to call for her parents but couldn’t. She felt like her words were choked in her mouth. She couldn’t scream. She tried to scream again and again but unfortunately words were not coming out of her mouth. When she struggled and tried even harder a sigh came out from her. And then she finally woke up.

She was completely drenched in sweat. Her whole body was trembling the fear she had just felt. And then she started crying out loud. Her voice was so loud that her parents came running to her room. “What happened honey? Why are you crying beta?” her mother was surprised by looking her daughter like this. She just hugged her mother and started crying. “I’m here. Mamma is here with you. It is okay beta; please stop crying and the mother started crying along with her daughter.
“Mom, it felt so real this time.” Her mother was crying loudly hugging her daughter.
“Why is this happening to my Shona?” Her mother didn’t stop crying. The mother and daughter cried for some time.
“I am ok mamma; it’s just a bad dream.” She tried to comfort her mother.
“Is it the same dream?” her father asked. She just nodded her head in acceptance. “It’s all happening because of that slut friend of yours. She told you what they had done to her and that’s why you are having these dreams.” Her mother spoke with anger this time. It’s not her fault mamma. It could be me in her place. Just because she had sex with the guy she loved and refused another guy to have sex with, doesn’t give a right to anyone to treat a girl this way. We are human too mom. We have a right to live. We have a right to love and we have a right to choose with whom we want to share our body. I just can’t share my body with anyone who wants me to. And mom just because my friend has shared her body with the person she love and was raped just because she refused some other guy to give sex, doesn’t make her a slut and if does then every single women in this world is a slut because that’s what they have been doing all the way -sharing their body with the ones they love.

A year ago, her only close friend died just because she refused some guys to have sex with. They kidnapped her, raped her and then threw acid in her eyes so that she could not tell anyone about the appearances of these guys. But fortunately she survived all this. Maybe she was strong enough to move on or she was strong enough to punish those ‘bastards’.
“One day I’ll punish those bastards and put them behind the bars. You will see.” She used to say every time whenever I went to meet her in the hospital. After a month she recovered from her condition and her parents brought her home. And that’s when the real pain started. Everyday people came to her house just to know how it all happened and she had to relive those moments again and again. Some used to ask her parents how really they did it to her and some used to ask her about the things she couldn’t imagine. These daily visiting’s were affecting their life. People started to act differently. Every night she could hear her parents sobbing from the adjacent room “why… Why our daughter?” they used to cry all night. These people, this society were not letting them move on with their life so one fine day she lost her hope and jump out of the window of her room. She left a note for her parents saying “sorry mamma papa, I just can’t bear your tears. Please forgive me.”

So who is responsible for her death, those bastards who raped her once and leave her to suffer or the society which forced her to live those moments again and again? Those animals who at least let her live or the well-educated society which didn’t let her move on in her life and killed her again and again? This was the very reason why she was having those dreams. As the time passed, her dreams left her alone but the truth was her wounds had disappeared but the scar remained there and the pain never left her alone.

She was nineteen now and her parents had already started searching grooms. “But I want to study mom. I want to be a lawyer.”
“Girls don’t need to work. They just need to know; to cook.”
What’s wrong with you mom? I am just nineteen. And I have just passed my intermediate exams. Why do you want me to marry so early? We are living in a world where man and woman has an equal right to live and work. Then why is it wrong if I am asking for my rights? Why are you forcing me to marry? I want to work. I want to earn my place in this world and I want to be independent. Don’t you want to see me working? Don’t you want me to be happy on my own?


Her parents never stopped looking for a groom for her. By the time she was nineteen and six months old, her parents found a perfect groom for her or they thought he would be a perfect guy for her. The boy was the son of a golden bird (son of a jeweler). He was twenty one, fair looking and a smart guy. He was pursuing his graduation through correspondence and was helping his father in the shop for three years.
“I want your daughter to be my son’s wife only because she doesn’t want a job.” Boy’s father said. “You know we belong to a high class society and the wives of high societies don’t go out for the job. My son is very smart. He can do anything and one day he will take my jewelry shop to a new level.” He further added with pride.
“Let the girl and the boy talk in person.” boy’s mother suggested and until then we could talk some business. The girl and the boy were sent into another room so that they could decide if they want to spend their life together. Actually only the boy was sent to take that decision because the girl’s parents had already accepted the boy as their son in law. Women’s right is not about just giving them right of everything; it’s about letting them know what their rights are and what they really deserve. It’s about helping them to achieve those rights. She kept asking her parents not to marry her so early. “At least let me achieve something in life first.” But her parents were so convinced that he was the best boy for her and they would never find anyone like him again. “You will never have to work. They will give you a luxurious life.” Her mother used to say. After a month the marriage happened. She was given a whole lecture by her mother on how to behave and live with her in-laws. “You are our only daughter and this marriage has put us in a heavy debt. Your father had to take a loan in the guarantee of our house. So please beta, be happy and make them happy.” “Mumma what if he abuses me and beats me like father used to abuse you once?” The girl asked with teary eyes. “He will not.” was her mother’s word.

She was sitting in her new room on her bridal bed thinking about her life. Every girl dreams about this day in her life although it was a force marriage, she too wanted it to be special. She was tired and scared. She was feeling sleepy because she was exhausted from the long lasting ceremonies of the marriage, so she lay down just to relax for some time. He was sitting beside her caressing her face with his fingers constantly looking at her. His fingers were wandering around her face like a lost stranger. Sometimes on to her cheeks, sometimes onto her lips and sometimes onto her neck. She was half sleepy but she was smiling like she was having a good dream. When he was finished searching her face, he started to take his hand down through her neck. And then he put aside the silky part of the lahnga that was covering her chest and lay down onto her. She was really enjoying it.

Her widening smile was the proof of her happiness. Just then he spoke those words. “Are you ready for this?” and all of a sudden she was again terrified. His words had brought her back to the reality. Until now she was thinking that she was having a dream; a sweet dream but no this was really happening. His words had made her remember the dreams she used to have once. And this feeling right now this was the same feeling as she used to feel back then. All of a sudden hot blood was running fast through her veins. She felt like choking. She was trembling with fear. He was gripping her wrist tighter with his both hands, lying onto her completely naked. She was horrified by the current situation. It was not like she didn’t want it to happen, it was just she thought it to happen in a different way.
“What are you doing? Let go off me.” She tried to speak as struggling under his naked body.
“I’m your husband now and today I am going to fuck you all night.” “But I’m not feeling for it right now.
Can’t we do this on some other day?” she was still struggling.
“I’ll be gentle if you just let me do it else I have to force it.” And his words froze her to death. And then he raped her. As he had said, he raped her all night. I am sorry but I’m using the wrong term here. Right? –Rape. How can he rape her he was her husband right? It’s his right to fuck her whenever he want and however he want. It was so disrespectful of her to deny him sex. I mean how could she???

So many dreams so many expectations and all were gone in a single moment. She always had been a confident girl until now and now she felt like she was just a loath of flesh to be used by her husband every night. During the first few months of marriage she tried to resist it all; the sex, the abusing, the fight, the beating but every passing hour, it was getting harder and more was not just sex that was hurting her, most of the time the boy used to abuse her and her parents. Sometimes he used to get too violent. He was raping her physically and mentally with every passing day and night. “Mamma, sometimes he puts his part in my mouth and choked me to death. He is like father Maa. He is even worse than him.” She used to tell her mother.

It was a dark inauspicious night. She had given up hope and decided to finally end her life. She had planned to hang herself up after everybody was asleep in the night. When she was asleep, she saw her friend, the same friend she had lost some years ago. “So you have finally decided to end your life?” Friend asked. “I can’t bear this anymore. This is so hurting.” She cried. “You know our condition is the same I got raped and you are getting raped every day.” Her friend said. “That’s why dying is the only option I have right now.” She sighed. “But what about the ones who have raped us? Don’t they deserve punishment for their sins? You may think you don’t have any choice right now, but believe me I was weak and you aren’t. You can end your life and die for nothing or you can punish them and save thousands of souls from ending their life.”

Seven years later She is a lawyer now- a respected one. Though she had to suffer a lot to reach here, but she did it. She had finally done it. She had punished those who had forced her best friend to end her life and she had punished hundreds of people like them. The very first morning after meeting her best friend in her dream, she left her house without even telling anyone where she was going. She worked she studied and here she was. A well reputed lawyer fighting for her sisters. You will be wondering who I am, telling her story. How do I know so much about her? Well I am the same person who raped her on our first night together and every night after that. Hopefully I’m not in prison right now because marital rapes are not considered a crime in India. According to the Indian penal code -“Marital rape is not covered by the ordinary rape laws and is a form of non-criminal domestic violence.

According to IPC SECTION 375 which says that the sexual intercourse or sexual acts by man with his wife, is not a rape if the wife is over the age of fifteen a recent event a judge officially confirmed that rape laws doesn’t pertain to married couples, once you are legally wed, forced sex is no longer a crime.” I am writing this not because of the things I have done to her, of course that’s a punishable crime, but I am writing this because the same thing happened with my sister and she was not so strong as Swati was. So she committed suicide. Swati the same girl whose story I’m telling. Though she didn’t get the justice of her own rape and maybe she never will.

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